More sponsors for the CARIFTA games

SHOWN, from left to right, are Local Organising Committee CEO Lynden Maycock, Ricardo Williams of Drifters, Lunnon Gibson of Fireworks Unlimited and Dame of the Games Pauline Davis.

SHOWN, from left to right, are Local Organising Committee CEO Lynden Maycock, Ricardo Williams of Drifters, Lunnon Gibson of Fireworks Unlimited and Dame of the Games Pauline Davis.

As of Thursday, February 16, 2023


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#THERE will be plenty to drink and lot of fireworks to watch at the 50th CARIFTA Games, thanks to the sponsorship of Drifters and Fireworks Unlimited.

#With less than 50 days to go until the return of the “greatest event” for junior track and field athletes in the region, the Local Organising Committee welcomed the two newest small and immediate business partners on board the train for the games, scheduled for April 7-11 at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium.

#Drifters, represented by Ricardo Williams and Fireworks Unlimited, represented by Lunnon Gibson, were introduced to the public yesterday in the parking lot of Road Traffic where they will be entertaining the fans during the Cultural segment.

#LOC chief executive officer Lynden Maycock, who celebrated his 55th birthday on Valentine’s Day, said they have seen a lot of love and support from the business community for the games with their sponsorship level having now exceeded $1.5 million.

#“We understand that we couldn’t do this by ourselves, and our partners have shown that they share and understand our mission of supporting our young people and our young athletes,” Maycock said.

#Through their involvement, Maycock said they can show their appreciation for sports and helping to transform the lives of young people and the world around them in being a better nation.

#“On behalf of the LOC, I thank you Drifters and Fireworks Unlimited for your generous support and time,” Maycock stated. “I also invite everyone out there to come Gold with us as we aim for the 50th games to win, win, win.”

#Williams said at Drifters they believe that youth and sports development is an avenue that can change the projectory of any nation.

#“Obviously in the world today, we need change. We need to provide opportunities for our young persons and so at Drifters, we are proud to be a part of this because sports and character development will open many, many doors and so we look forward to a great game,” Williams said.

#“We look forward to the Bahamas doing extremely well. And we just want to thank you for allowing us to come on board and we ask those persons, whether big or large businesses, small or immediate size businesses can also lend their support because we need their support in helping our young people in that upward trajectory.”

#Williams said Drifters will be featured primarily at the Culture Village where they are encouraging the Bahamian public to come out and enjoy themselves.

#As a privately owned small Bahamian business, Gibson said when Fireworks Unlimited was approached by Fern Hanna to sponsor the games, they were elated, and he thanked them for giving them the opportunity to be a part of the event.

#“We believe in sports. More importantly, we believe in the youth of our country,” Gibson said. “I know firsthand the benefits of sports and the discipline that it brings and so we jumped on board willing to support the endeavour.”

#Gibson said they will be supporting the LOC with a big bang as best as they can when they unleash an explosion of fireworks during the closing ceremonies at the games.

#Pauline Davis, the Dame of the Games, thanked both Drifters and Fireworks for coming on board to assist the LOC.

#As a product of the games, who went on to become an Olympic gold medallist, she said it’s very touching to see so many companies who have and continue to pledge their support for the future of the nation’s young people.

#Hanna, director of marketing for the LOC, said a Culture Village will be second to none that has ever been established with so many things going on from all around the world. She noted that if persons can’t get into the stadium to view the competition, they can take part in the festivities outside.

#Hanna said they are also seeking corporate Bahamas’ financial assistance, there’s a lot of work being done to get both TAR Stadiums in tip-top shape as they celebrate the 50th milestone of CARIFTA as they entertain people from Good Friday to Resurrection morning on Sunday and throughout the evening, as well as the final day of competition on Easter Monday.

#“If you think it’s too late to be a partner, it’s definitely not too late,” Hanna said. “Please give us a call. We will always answer your calls, we will always answer your email.”

#Interested persons wishing to partner with the LOC are urged to call 801- GOLD, or 605-4051 for ticket information or email

#While on the website, Maycock said persons can also view the financial statements completed for the games so far so that they can keep abreast of every dollar they received and how it is being spent.

#“We thank our many partners, who have gone above and beyond our expectations,” he said.

#“It’s amazing, every day we find persons coming to this LOC and wanting to be a part of these 50th CARIFTA Games. We could never say thank you enough to all of our partners for coming on board.”

#He noted that their marketing team, headed by Hanna, has been doing an exceptional job in easing the burden of the Bahamas Government in making the games the best ever.

#Hanna, however, said they are still seeking financial support to cover all of their bills for taking care of all of the persons coming in, feeding and housing them and providing the necessary uniforms and attires to be worn.

#“I will still be calling, so when you hear CARIFTA is on the phone, come quickly,” Hanna said. “We are going to need some more help.”

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