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Rose playing outfield

Softball | Thu, Jul. 20, 2017

One of Brewton-Parker’s outstanding athletes, Javanthe Rose, has been selected to compete on Bahama’s National Softball Team from August 3rd-August 14th in the Women’s Pan American Championship in Santo Domingo. This is a remarkable accomplishment that deserves recognition. 

To be selected, during the athlete’s season, she would have to perform exceptionally well with good stats in every area. Then, there is a public tryout for anyone who is interested, but not everyone makes the team. The coaches collaborate and select the best athletes from the numerous islands and different teams in the leagues. Javanthe was selected based on her performance during league play in the Bahamas.

Some athletes make the team, but do not travel at the end of league play. Javanthe will have to continue to perform well during this upcoming season to be considered for traveling. She is optimistic and continuing to stay encouraged about the entire process.

Javanthe Rose played little league baseball at 9 years old and stopped at 12. She didn’t start playing softball until she was 16. Except for a short break during her sophomore-junior year of high school, she has been playing non stop. Everyone in her nuclear family played softball at some point, whether it be slow pitch or fast pitch.

Javanthe understands the significance of this opportunity. “This means so much to me. It tells me that my hard work that I put in has paid off. But its not only me. God blessed me with this talent and I’m trying to use it all for Him. I wouldn’t be able to work hard without my team in this league. We were league champions last year because we all worked hard to accomplish the same goal. For me to say that I got a chance to represent my country out of the many athletes is an accomplishment on its own,” says Javanthe.

“I’m hoping that this experience humbles me even more and shows me that I need to have more confidence in my abilities in the sport. I’m hoping that it will prepare not only me, but all the other athletes in the Bahamas, for future national teams. Lastly, I’m hoping that this opportunity builds up the softball leagues in the Bahamas,” says Rose. 

Vice President for Athletics, Daniel Prevett, is looking forward to cheering for a Baron overseas. “We are very proud of Javanthe and how she is representing her country and Brewton-Parker on this team.  Her bright smile always lights up the softball field and I’m sure her enthusiasm is at an all-time high wearing the Bahamian colors.”

“I was so honored to be selected for the national team and I could not pass it up. This national team has a possibility to qualify for the Olympics, and even though we’re going against some amazing competition in August, it will still be great exposure for the tiny islands of the Bahamas. I know I not only have the support of my family, but also my friends and team in Georgia at BPC. Who would’ve thought this island girl would have a shot at the big leagues. I am forever blessed and thankful to God for this great chance to make everyone proud,” says Javanthe. 

What Javanthe may not know is that the BPC family is already proud and we look forward to supporting one of our own. 

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