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Meacher Major brings GB boxing project back to drawing board

Meacher Major brings GB boxing project back to drawing board


 January 16, 2020 

 Fred Sturrup,

Sports Scope

The Meacher Major “Pain” Boxing Club is at it again, seeking to take its programme into Freeport Grand Bahama.

Headed by former regional and Bahamas super featherweight and lightweight champion Meacher Major, the club, in conjunction with the Grand Bahama Sports Promotion Association and the Freeport YMCA, was unable to get its proposed inaugural event off the ground last year in Freeport, but Major says “better arrangements” will be made this time around.

“The networking was good to let the people of Grand Bahama know that we were thinking about them, to expand the sports program there, but we discovered that much more planning needed to go into the schedule we had in mind, a show per month.

“We have been advised to downsize that and we will. We now have a housing facility in place, to cater to the team that will be coming in from New Providence, and when I join Kaito and the boxers, from Buffalo, New York, where I am now based. There are some other things we have to work on. My objective is to get the full arrangements complete, beforehand, in sufficient time. Then, we only have to work on advertising and marketing the event,” said Major.

The Bahamas Boxing Federation is the body responsible for amateur boxing and Major said there is a full understanding of the role he wishes to play in helping to spread the sport throughout The Bahamas, with a “now” focus on Grand Bahama.

“We have made some inroads in Abaco. Of course, the Marsh Harbour area, which we concentrated on before, has been badly damaged by Hurricane Dorian and we will have to put that plan on the back burner, so to speak. But, Freeport is ready to go. We just have to sort out the venue that we will use, on a regular basis, and, we will be ready to go,” added Major.

Major has the format set for the boxing ventures, planned for Freeport.

“There will be two segments to the show, as we have been doing in recent years. There will be either be a professional bout or an exhibition, and then some exciting amateur bouts. We like the relationship we built in Freeport, in 2018. The Grand Bahama Sports Promotion Association staged a championship-type event, the Commonwealth Boxing Salute in 2018, when Gomeo Brennan, Ray Minus Jr., Steve Larimore and Jermain Mackey were honored for being past Commonwealth champions.

“The crowd was raving about the amateur bouts on the show and we promised to bring the amateurs back.  It didn’t work out for us last year, but we are well ahead with plans for 2020,” said Major.

According to the sporting stalwart, the proposed month for the show is May, with the second event planned tentatively for the July Independence period.

Boxing is lagging behind all of the core disciplines in the country today, and if Major can be successful in Grand Bahama, that would be a shot in the arm for the sport.

Best Wishes Meacher Major and Kaito Ferguson!

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