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GB Office of PM fostering sports heroes’ celebration

February 3, 2020

Fred Sturupp


Howard Williams and Churchill Tener-Knowles are the catalysts, and the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) on Grand Bahama (GB) is to play a major role in driving the initiative to honor the island’s sporting heroes, past and present.

Williams, the spokesperson for the Grand Bahama Heroes Committee, disclosed last week that on Monday, February 10, a planning meeting will be held at the GB OPM, with Minister of State Kwasi Thompson presiding. The agenda items will be a heroes’ park and the continuation of the hall of fame program.

“We’ve been wanting to get the hall of fame started again, but there have been setbacks. A significant member of the original committee passed away, and there have been other complications. Now, though, we want to get the ball rolling, and we are working with the Office of the Prime Minister. The first meeting to start things of will be held there. We are filling in the vacancy on the committee and we are ready to go,” said Williams recently.

The revival of the committee is important, and Williams and Tener-Knowles are to be lauded. This is a time on Grand Bahama when feel-good events are very special. The devastating Hurricane Dorian had a “gloom and doom” effect on the island. Joyful, spirited events and unique successes are the collective remedy for the island and its residents.

The GB sports fraternity is seeking to do its part in the revival and recovery efforts, so necessary following a disaster unmatched in the island’s history.

This past December, just three months following Hurricane Dorian, the Grand Bahama Sports Promotion Association persevered and managed to stage a highly successful testimonial, which honored the legendary youth development mentor Gladstone “Moon” McPhee.

Two weeks ago, the veteran distance runner Delroy Boothe turned back the hands of time and captured his second Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas classic, a decade after he won the inaugural event. Those were feel-good happenings for Grand Bahama, which enabled residents to become immersed in the positive. They gave some balance to the state of depression many found themselves in following Hurricane Dorian.

Williams, Tener-Knowles, their committee colleagues and the GB OPM will now seek to ensure continuity of good feelings through sports.

With Minister Thompson leading the way, the GB OPM has become a benefactor for sports development in Grand Bahama. Just recently, the minister and his associates began a grant system to assist sporting programs on the island with funding. Going forward, I understand, as the GB OPM’s budget allows, the grants will continue.

This culture being established by the GB OPM is quite good. Attention is being paid to sports development by an arm of The Bahamas’ government. Hopefully this is an indication of a nation-wide approach by the central administration.

The national sports landscape deserves the focus.

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