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Ub Women’s Judo Team Win Two Gold, Silver

As of Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Breanna Grant (left) and Farida Sadek.

#THE University of The Bahamas’ women’s judo team picked up two gold medals and a silver at the Cherry Blossom Open judo competition this weekend.

#Breanna Grant won a gold medal (70 kilogram division) and a silver medal (78 kilogram division) and Raven Pennerman won a gold medal (78 kilogram division).

#Grant won the gold medal in the 70 kilogram division after defeating Farida Sadek from The Daytona Beach Judo Club in two matches in the best-of-three series.

#Grant dominated both matches from the beginning and was able to win the series.

#“My grip sequence was really working for me today,” she said. “I was able to get the upper grip and I knew I could win the match.”

#She added that she felt a little rusty but that was short lived.

#“This is my first competition in a while and I was kind of flustered with myself,” she said. “But after I talked with coach I got more comfortable and took my time and went with the flow.”

#Pennerman took on Grant in the gold medal match of the 78 kilogram division. They are familiar with each other’s style and so it was a very tactical match.

#Pennerman was able to put Grant down with several strong throws to pick up the win.

#“Breanna is a good competitor and I am familiar with her but today she put up a strong fight,” she said. “We both put up a good fight and represented the University of the Bahamas positively this weekend.”

#Grant picked up the silver medal in the loss.

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