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Superior Care To The Rescue

As of Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Superior Care Emergency Transport Service is a company formed by Adrian Archer on February 23 last year.


#Senior Sports Reporter

#WHEN it comes to sports, safety is paramount for local clubs, associations and federations as they seek to provide the necessary medical care for their athletes, coaches and officials.

#One of the companies just about everybody is now relying on is Superior Care Emergency Transport Service, a company formed by Adrian Archer a year ago on February 23 to provide emergency transport services for any medical needs.

#“We provide emergency care and transport to any dialysis or any special procedures and we also work at various sporting events,” said Archer, as he worked at the Mako Aquatic Club’s Ocean Swim race, which was held on Saturday at Long Wharf in a bid to get swimmers qualified in the event for the CARIFTA Games over the Easter holiday weekend.

#“We provide free hospital care for anyone who is participating in a sporting event, who needs any emergency.”

#Saturday, according to Johnson, was just another typical day in the office for Superior Care.

#“It’s been a good day without any incident. We’re just happy to see so many of these young swimmers competing in the ocean. We had one or two persons who got bite by a jellyfish or something, but there were no major issues for us to deal with.

#“We’ve had a great run so far with the company, thanks to the people, who have called upon us to assist them. We did the GSSSA games, we will be at Hugh Campbell, we did Bahamas Hotrod Association, we did Marathon Bahamas and the kickboxing competition.”

#Ischer Johnson, who has been working with Superior Care as an emergency medical technical since its inception, was seen giving 12-year-old Adriel Pratt of the Mako Aquatic Club some attention after her ocean water swim.

#As usual, Pratt was just checked for a minor medical procedure.

#“It’s been excellent so far. I’ve experienced a whole lot,” said Johnson, who works permanently as a medical assistant to Dr Jacqueline Knowles.

#“It’s a great feeling.”

#While she hasn’t been engaged in any severe sporting issue yet, Johnson said there were some scary moments when they had to assist persons in medical distress on home calls.

#“What really surprises me is how families would thank us at the end and indicated that I did an awesome job and I did it with a smile,” she said. “That’s more than a pay.”

#Persons interested in engaging in the services of Superior Care for their sporting activities are urged to contact the office’s emergency number at 818-2273 to make their bookings 24 hours, seven days of the week.

#“Don’t hesitate to call. We are open and we are ready to take your calls and supply you with whatever you need,” said Archer, who added there is a minimum fee that is charged for their services and will be worked out according to their event.”

#Archer said with two ambulances at their disposal right now, they want to provide the necessary assistance needed for medical cases, whether it’s home or a sporting event, as they try to fill the gap that is left by the ambulance services provided by Doctor’s and the Princess Margaret hospitals.

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