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BRFU ensuring that players are staying active

The Bahamas Rugby Football Union (BRFU) is trying to keep its athletes pushing forward and improving. The league is promoting a “Stay Active At Home” initiative, geared around workout plans, skill challenges and Zoom call seminars on fitness, game knowledge and tactics. FILEApril 24, 2020Simba French0254Views

The Bahamas Rugby Football Union (BRFU) will utilize this “down” period, due to the presence of COVID-19, to keep its athletes pushing forward and improving. The league is promoting a “Stay Active At Home” initiative, geared around workout plans, skill challenges and Zoom call seminars on fitness, game knowledge and tactics.

During this COVID-19 pandemic that has had a huge effect on sports, the league is determined to try and utilize the time to the best of its ability and keep the players engaged.

Head Coach of the Senior Men’s National Team Matthew Williams said they have been working on the mental and physical aspects of the players.

“It’s a challenge, that’s for sure, but the important thing is that we use this time to improve. The two points we, as a coaching team, have focused on are mental and physical stimulation for the players – making sure we are challenging the players to learn and increase rugby knowledge while working hard at home. The players have been really receptive and banter is at an all-time high. We look forward to getting back to group training and implementing what we have learnt into action,” Williams said.

Charles Smith, one of the players who is a part of the program, said the method being utilized is exciting. 

“I am one of the experienced guys on the squad, and what I mean by that is I am old. The ‘Stay Active At Home’ sessions have been great for me to use some of the extra time I have to improve on fitness and the Zoom calls have been great. As an old boy, I am trying to drive the standards and continue to learn. It’s exciting what’s going on with rugby right now – I can’t wait to get back to training,” Smith said.

The “Stay Active At Home” program is not only being used by rugby players. According to BRFU, the players are sharing the programs and challenging other athletes, friends and family members to join in and stay active during the national curfew and lockdown. Williams said it is important that persons stay in shape and keep safe during this time.

Just a couple of months before the COVID-19 curfew and lockdowns went into effect, BRFU secured the hosting of a huge global sports event that was set to bring 24 teams from around the world to The Bahamas to compete in a women’s and under-19 men’s international rugby competition. That competition was set for July 2020, but has since been canceled due to the pandemic.

According to BRFU, that tournament was expected to bring over $500,000 in revenue to The Bahamas and establish a commercial platform for BRFU, securing a three-year community program for rugby’s growth in the schools.

BRFU has re-launched the national program that has been dormant for over three years. The program re-launch saw 44 players competing in a trial match for 24 spots on the national team. The first international game was scheduled for early May against Jamaica, but that has been postponed until further notice.

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