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NPWBA still hoping to play its championship

April 24, 2020

The Nassau Guardian


The New Providence Women’s Basketball Association (NPWBA) is still hopeful that it will be able to stage its championship series whenever the social distancing measures set in place by the government of The Bahamas are lifted.

All league activities are currently suspended. The last time the league saw action was back on Saturday, March 14, with the culmination of its semifinal series.

Once the “all clear” sign is given, the league is looking to resume play with its best-of-three championships series. That series will be between the pennant-winning Discount Distributors Rockettes, coached by Devon Johnson, and the defending champions Bees Trucking Destroyers, coach by Donillo “Donnie” Culmer.

According to NPWBA First Vice President Anastacia Sands-Moultrie, they are thinking about how to deal with this coronavirus threat sports-wise in terms of social distancing and how to be cautious when they resume. She said that everyone is healthy and ready to resume play. She also extended condolences to league commissioner Norman Humes, on behalf of the league, on the passing of his mother.

“Thank God everyone is doing great and staying safe and healthy. We send condolence to Norman Humes. He is one of our basketball gurus and officials in The Bahamas and a member of the NPWBA executive team,” said Sands-Moultrie.

She said the league had some competitive play this past season.

“Before the season was suspended, the competition was tough, especially between the Destroyers and the Prime Time Saints. The younger team with schoolgirls, the Saints, was improving and fighting hard. The new team, the BIBT Great Whites, was an impressive team as well,” said Sands-Moultrie.

There were six teams in the league this year – the Rockettes, Destroyers, Saints, Great Whites, Arawaks and Teleos.

Around the world, there has been uncertainty as to when sports will resume, and The Bahamas is no different. Major sporting leagues in the United States of America have suspended play during this time. Those leagues hope to resume at some point this year with the hopes of the coronavirus being contained.

Sporting leagues and bodies here in The Bahamas are hoping for a similar scenario.

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