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[5:58 PM, 5/3/2020] Laura Charlton: Leevan Sands
Kenny Johnson
Antonio Saunders
Lamar Delaney
J’Vente Deveaux
Rudon Bastian
Wendall Lawrence
Antillio Bastian
To be cont d
[6:03 PM, 5/3/2020] Laura Charlton: Lathone Collie-Minns
Latario Collie-Minns
Cameron Parker
Douglas Precious
Raymond Higgs
Jamaal Wilson
Kaiwan Culmer
Tamar Green
Laquan Nairn
Jameison Pratt
Holland Martin
[6:08 PM, 5/3/2020] Laura Charlton: Jeremy Wilchombe
Ashton Butler
Latrell Taylor
Tristen Hanna
Shyrone Kemp
Michael Adderley
[6:10 PM, 5/3/2020] Laura Charlton: Norbert Elliott
Emmitt Higgins
Wayne Smith
[6:25 PM, 5/3/2020] Norbert Elliott: Alpheus Finlayson
Rolando Greene
Dr Tim Barrett
Phil Robins
Dr Dana Hall
Alan Mortimer

Come on Frank, your turn to name a few.
[6:25 PM, 5/3/2020] Norbert Elliott: Durant Bartlette

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