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Laverne Eve was the first I believe, she won the Javelin in 87,

Eldece Clarke won the DII 55M that same year.

In 88, Pauline won the 200M indoors, then she won the 400M outdoors in 89, and held the Championship record for about 15 yrs.

In 1990 Judy Mc Donald won the DII High Jump and I believe she tied the Bahamian Record with Sharon Rose at 5’10.5” not absolutely certain about the record, but it may have been tied also by Tanya Wildgoose in either 2001 or 2002.

In 92,93 and 94 we had back to back to back champions in n the long jump with Jackie Edwards, Daphne Saunders, and Diedra Davis, indoors and outdoors, except Daphne upset Diedra indoors to win two years in a row, or maybe Diedra upset her outdoors.

In 95, Sevatheda Fynes won the 200 outdoors, then in 97 she swept the sprints, winning the 55M indoors, and both the 100 and 200 outdoors.

Debbie did the same thing the following year, 98 sweeping the 100 and 200M. She also won the 200 indoors the year before, 96 and the 60M indoors the following year 1999.

Chandra also won numerous DII champions in 100 and 200 in 92,93, and 95, she also won LJ in 92, and 95, and the 55M, in 95.
In 98, and 99,

Shenique Musgrove won DII champions in the Javelin.

2003 Shandria Brown won DII championship in the 60M.

2010 Q Ferguson won DI championship in 200M.

And in 2013 Shaunae won the 400M indoors.

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