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Bahamas Rugby Union

Blue Vs Gold National Rugby Trial Saturday In Winton

As of Friday, March 6, 2020

#THE Bahamas Rugby Union is all set to hold a Blue versus Gold National Rugby Trial 3pm Saturday at the Winton Rugby Pitch.

#The two squads will comprise of players competing for 22 spots on the Bahamas national team that will play against the Jamaican national team on April 25 in Kingston, Jamaica.

#The two teams competing are comprised of the following players:

#Team Blue, coached by Josh Purcell:

#Starters – Charles Smith, Justin Cartwright, Andrew Hindley, Julian Laing, Sheen Newbold, Alex Storr, Dan Woodside, James Farrington, Sammy Collie Jr, Kevin Charlton, Dawayne Deveaux, Sean Albury, Kevin Deveaux, Darzhon Rolle and Jamaal Curry.

#Bench players – Ashley Roberts, Armard Carlos, Connor Albury, Ronnie Monroy, Mark Hammerton, Jamaal Brown and Patrick Arthur.

#Team Gold, coached by Mark Davies:

#Starters – Frank Brown, Kwmae Garland, Charles Greene, Wilfred Ferguson, Adam Waterhouse, Justin Lewis, Levar Boyd, Nick Vonaberdhl, Ramol Comarcho, Spencer Graham, Blair Smith, Jethro Bullard, Duran Beadle, Michael Watkins and Jordan Isaacs.

#Bench players – Anthony Thompon, Jerard Nixon, Brian Baker, Treyvon Henfield, Taj Smith, Daquan Blyden and Glynn Josey.

#The referee will be Matthew Williams and the touch judges are Colin Russell and Sebastian Purvis.

#The match day is being sponsored by Bahamas Hand Prints and SuperClubs Breezes

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