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GBTA elects new board of directors

GBTA elects new board of directors

READY FOR THE ROAD – The Grand Bahama Tennis Association (GBTA) is ready for the road ahead with their newly-elected board of directors, with Natishkah Barrett was returned as president for her sixth term. (PHOTO: TFN FILES)

Sports  July 3, 2020 

 FN Sports Reporter

Shayne Stubbs

The Grand Bahama Tennis Association (GBTA) is ready for the road ahead with their newly-elected board of directors. 

The local tennis association held its annual general meeting this past Wednesday, July 1. Natishkah Barrett was returned as president for her sixth term and Danny Rigby serving as vice president of the board. 

Dion Demeritte was elected secretary; Lisa Clarke is the treasurer, with David Morley serving as assistant treasurer. 

The list of council directors includes Ronald Johnson, Rodney Carey Sr., Richard Morley, Doris Kemp-Knowles and McArthur Rigby. 

As returning president, Barrett, said she is thrilled to work with the team to continue moving the game of tennis forward. She also disclosed that the association is now a non-profit organization. 

“I am humbled at the opportunity I am again given to make a positive impact in my community through the sport of tennis.  I’m also privileged to have another chance to work with my fellow directors who are committed to serving with excellence. This is going to be my sixth term as president.

“During our AGM we discussed that the GBTA has now been officially incorporated as a non-profit organization and we are now governed by our memorandum and articles of association.  

“We also discussed working towards establishing a date for our school tennis program, which will fall under our first phase, with the objective of exposing as many children as is possible, to tennis.  We were unable to start the program in March 2020 due to conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Before the association begins hosting tournaments, it will assess the best course of action to implement the proper safety guidelines. 

“Firstly, the health and safety of all participants, including players, officials and spectators, are foremost, given the COVID-19 environment we are in. We will navigate forward using the Ministry of Health’s health and safety protocols, enhanced by the existing guidelines established by such tennis organizations as the ITF (International Tennis Federation) and USTA (United States Tennis Association). We will also take heed of the protocols established by the management of the venues for our various events.”

Barrett expressed a high-level of faith and trust in her fellow directors and the continued hope is to impact the community positively through the sport of tennis. 

“Based on my experience, my fellow directors have all, in one way or another, demonstrated their commitment to positively impacting our community through tennis. This is a good foundation for continued growth.  

“My hopes for the association going forward is that the board will recruit more members and supporters to assist with the GBTA’s tennis initiatives.  I hope that, as much as possible, the association can encourage Grand Bahama tennis officials to keep current with ITF training and to operate at the highest level of quality.  

“Finally, it is my hope, generally, that tennis continues to gain popularity, in a meaningful way, due to our collective efforts,” she concluded. 

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