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Diving in The Bahamas attracts visitors from around the world.  The combination of warm, crystal clear waters, relatively high abundance of fish species, varied habitats to explore and ease of access to dive sites makes The Bahamas and ideal stop for both the novice and avid diver.  There are few places where one can dive a colorful reef in the shallows one day and then plunge over the wall into an abyss that bottoms out somewhere near six thousand feet the next; and be treated to viewing a plethora of marine species during the whole experience.

There are a number of licensed dive operators in The Bahamas.  A quick internet search will provide web surfers with a list of experienced charters and dive shops that offer a wide variety of underwater experiences.  From shark diving to wall dives to wreck dives, divers coming to The Bahamas are sure to find the experience they are searching for.