Meacher ‘Major Pain’ Major (right).

Several proposed professional boxing shows are having challenges. The promoters have had to make ongoing new arrangements, thus pushing back dates.

However, Meacher Major confirmed earlier this week that his retirement show will in fact happen this year, although he acknowledged another date change.

“I am working with a promoter and nothing regarding the structure of the show has changed, only the date. It is now set for Friday, October 26. I feel a great deal of satisfaction to be able to end my career this way and then go on to continue helping with building boxing in The Bahamas,” said Major

Major informed also that he has forged a relationship with the Bahamas Boxing Federation (the country’s amateur boxing arm) and in coordination with the Pan American

Caribbean Boxing Organization-PACBO (of which Major is a regional director), will network going forward on upcoming shows.

“In my role as PACBO director, I want to foster pro/amateur events. PACBO and the federation have the same aim. We in PACBO want to encourage, inspire and develop young boys and girls as well, through boxing and educational means throughout the Pan Am region. I can work with the federation, with (Vincent) Strachan, the president,” further disclosed Major.

In that light the federation is to showcase several amateurs on the October 26 show in a segment prior to the professional program.

I spoke to Strachan on Wednesday and he verified the connection with Major and accordingly, PACBO.

“We have to be about boosting boxing on the whole. I am working with some associates, providing some assistance regarding their interest to promote pro bouts. But, the focus is to ensure the amateur foundation is in order. To that end, even though my priority is the amateur program, when we are doing anything in association with pro shows, I will communicate with the commission. This is how it should be,” said Strachan.

There is prior evidence of a progressive working relationship between the commission, PACBO and the federation. Several months ago, the parties came together to make vital contributions to the success of the Commonwealth Boxing Salute, staged in Freeport by the Grand Bahama Sports Promotion Association.

That level of continuity bodes well for the future of the sport in The Bahamas. The present situation is in keeping with the memorandum of understanding agreed to by the commission, federation and PACBO’s head office in The Bahamas, several years ago.

Major says October 26 will be a special night for him. He has been a stalwart sports ambassador for this nation and deserves to be saluted in style as he laces them on for the final time.

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