Cephas Bowe was the first light heavyweight champion in the history of amateur boxing in The Bahamas.

He was followed by Pat Strachan, who went on to have a creditable professional career; become appointed Bahamas Boxing Commission (BBF) Chairman; and expand his outreach for the sport in being the founding president of the Retired Boxers Association.

Last weekend, he was, as secretary, voted in as a part of the successful slate of presidential candidate Vincent Strachan when the Bahamas Boxing Federation held its election of officers. Pat Strachan will bring stability to the executive group. He, was once reputed to have a short fuse, has developed an appealing diplomatic approach and will be an excellent balance to his distant cousin Vincent, who commands the leadership position of amateur boxing in the country. Diplomacy is important.

Indeed, BBF President Vincent Strachan would be well-minded to pull back from time to time, in favor of the more even-handed Pat Strachan. The president will be greatly challenged to create an atmosphere of respect under his watch, because of past conflicts and the doubts many have, regarding his ability to bring all within the amateur boxing fraternity together in harmony.

Pat Strachan can hold his hand and with the other executives, help the president to bring about a new and inspiring culture in amateur boxing. Firstly, the new executives should seek to have a meeting with the Bahamas Olympic Committee (BOC) for guidance towards a smooth transition, going forward with projects and development plans.

Secondly, it is necessary for the new group to make an appointment to meet with the new Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture. I think at the outset, there must be some apprehension on the part of Minister of Sports Lanisha Rolle, given the hard-hitting remarks made by Vincent Strachan on the occasion of the funeral of the late Elisha Obed.

He was obviously combative. Minister Rolle and Director of Sports Tim Munnings were present, and no doubt were aware of President Strachan’s disposition. Secretary Pat Strachan is appropriate, at this time, to mediate a parley with Minister Rolle and her sports associates. There is no doubt that the International Boxing Federation (Amateur) would look more favorably upon the president and his executives if it is seen that they enjoy good relationships with the BOC and the Ministry of Sports.

It would be totally out of order for President Strachan to operate as though he is flying high as a result of being successful in the demand re-voting session. I suggest humility and meaningful deliberation with Secretary Strachan and the others, in an above-board effort to propel the amateur boxing program in The Bahamas back to the top position in the Caribbean Region, and perhaps beyond.

I wish to congratulate President Strachan, Secretary Strachan, Vice President Sherwin Johnson and their colleagues. The task ahead to make amateur boxing in the country really relevant once again, is a tough one. This is no time for haughtiness. It is a pivotal time for the amateur boxing program in the country.
The program is 50 years old. It achieved many meaningful milestones, inclusive of exchange programs with Canada, Bermuda, notable participation on the Florida Golden Gloves circuit, international medals and regional championships.

There is much more to be achieved.

For sure, a whole lot else can be accomplished.

It’s all up to the present administration. Pat Strachan can be a big help.

Best wishes to all of the executives!