Commando Security Truckers pitcher Thomas Davis pitches a ball to a C&S Hitmen batter during Tuesday night’s action in the New Providence Softball Association men’s division championship series. The Truckers won 8-1, setting up for game six tonight at 8 p.m. The Hitmen lead the series 3-2. TORRELL GLINTON 

The Commando Security Truckers convincingly defeated the C&S Hitmen 8-1 in game five of their best of seven games championship series on Tuesday night in the New Providence Softball Association men’s division. They played on the diamond at Bankers Field, Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

The Truckers’ pitcher, Thomas Davis, pitched a one-hitter to go along with 14 strikeouts as he helped his team to keep the Hitmen to score only one run.

In the first four innings, the game went the way it was going all series. Both teams pitched great and their defense rallied.

The Truckers struck first, scoring three huge runs at the top of the fourth. They got a good 3-0 lead as the Hitmen was up next to bat in the bottom of the inning.

In the bottom of the inning, the Hitmen managed to get a runner home as the closed the gap 3-1.

After a scoreless fifth inning, the Hitmen suffered a huge blow to their series. Ace pitcher, Alcott Forbes’ temper flared as the umpire ejected him from the game. He was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct which automatically comes with a one game suspension.

With Forbes’ ejection, the Hitmen turned to Keron Munroe on the mound.

After scoring one run at the top of the fifth inning, the Truckers went on to score four runs at the top of the seventh inning.

The game ended 8-1.

Munroe did not get any strikeouts. Hopefully for the Hitmen and their fans, this is not an indication of how game six will play out.

Truckers’ catcher Garfield Bethel said they met as a team and decided to get the win tonight.

“During the little time we had off we got together and we decided that tonight isn’t a good night to go home. The guys came out and put a good foot forward and we executed well. It’s a lot of pressure carrying the Truckers name on our chest, that was a dynasty. We are trying to relive that dynasty now and start with some youth.”

With Alcott Forbes being out for game six, Bethel said: “That does work in our favor knowing that their ace pitcher was putting up some numbers on us on his end. We should be okay.”

He does not think the Hitmen have anyone in their bullpen to go up against them like Alcott Forbes did.

For game six, Bethel said; “We just have to regroup, go over what we did and try improve on what we did tonight.”

Darren Stevens, the Hitmen’s head coach said losing Alcott Forbes hurt the team but they will galvanize for Thursday and get the win.

“Obviously, it hurt the team. We are not one player, we are a team and hopefully we will galvanize behind the situation to come out on Thursday and have a good showing.”

Stevens continued by saying the Truckers were ecstatic when Alcott Forbes got ejected.

“The pressure isn’t on us. We been here before, we been down before, came back and won a series. Right now the ball still in our park. We still have one and hopefully we come here on Thursday and shut the door.”

The Truckers’ first three batters did most of the scoring for them. Left fielder Angelo Watson finished with three runs while center fielder Lamar Watkins and designated player Winston Seymour finished with two runs each. Right fielder Lavaughn Ferguson scored one run.

Watson had a good night at-bat, going 3 for 4.

Scoring the Hitmen’s only run was center Rodney Forbes.

Before being ejected, Alcott Forbes had 11 strikeouts.

The winning pitcher was Davis. The losing pitcher was Alcott Forbes.

The umpire at plate was Crystal Taylor. Mike Hanna and Quinten Albury assisted her.

Loretta Maycock was the scorer.

Game six is tonight at 8  o’clock as the Hitmen try to win without their ace pitcher Alcott Forbes. The Truckers will look to take the series to game seven.