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BAHAMAS SUFFERS 2-1 LOSS TO USVI: The US Virgin Islands earn their first win

The US Virgin Islands senior women’s national soccer team earned their first win of the Road to CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup against The Bahamas 2-1 yesterday at the Roscow AL Davies Soccer Field.
Photo by Moise Amisial

The US Virgin Islands senior women’s national soccer team earned their first win of the Road to CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup against The Bahamas 2-1 yesterday at the Roscow AL Davies Soccer Field. Photo by Moise Amisial

As of Thursday, November 30, 2023

#The Bahamas senior women’s national soccer team wrapped up their Road to CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup experience with a 2-1 loss to the US Virgin Islands (USVI) in a home game at the Roscow AL Davies Soccer Field yesterday.

#It was the first time in decades the home team fielded a national women’s team. Despite their efforts, the team finished with a 0-1-3 win/draw/loss record in League C, Group C for the CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup qualifiers.

#On Wednesday, the USVI women’s national team looked to earn their first win of the qualifiers against The Bahamas.

#In their previous match against the home team, both clubs finished in a 0-0 draw at the Bethlehem Soccer Complex in October. However, the visiting team wasted no time in

#scoring their first goal of the contest as Mackiesh Taylor sent the ball past The Bahamas’ goalkeeper Kendi Outten at the 16th minute.


#Ricqea Bain, head coach of the senior women’s national team, gave some insight on how the match got away from The Bahamas.

#“The game was a little sketchy when we first started. We came out with plan A then we tried plan B and it started to work but we started to rely too much on it. We had some opportunities that we were unable to put away but we were able to get one,” Bain said.

#The lone goal for The Bahamas was scored by midfielder Kenyonique Thompson. She capitalised on a rebound off the USVI’s goalkeeper Levania Lawrence and sank the eqauliser to the back of the net at the 31st minute of the game. It was her first international goal and it gave the team some momentum on home soil to even the score 1-1.

#Thompson shared what it felt like to score the goal for The Bahamas.

#“It felt good the last time that I played I knew we had a lot of opportunities to score a goal so this goal felt so good and the team deserved this. We fell short in the end. We have a lot of work to do but it’s a start,” she said.

#She continued to say that it was a stepping stone in the right direction and was proud of the entire team for their hard work.

#The momentum garnered by Thompson quickly went away three minutes later as the visiting team’s Bianca Canizio got the edge on Outten to make the score 2-1 at the 34th minute.

#After halftime, both teams remained scoreless with The Bahamas trying tirelessly to earn another goal but were unsuccessful.

#The 2-1 win marked the first victory for the USVI women’s national football team in the CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup qualifiers standings for League C, Group C.

#They now have 4 points and a 1-1-1 record.

#Jorge Zavala, head coach of USVI, talked about how it felt to see his team perform well in the away game. “I am super excited I thought they played their hearts out today. I am super proud of the effort they put forward. It has been a long training camp in the sense of trying to prepare for this match so we are super excited that we came here and got a W,” the head coach said.

#Despite The Bahamas being eliminated from qualification for the CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup, Bain acknowledged that the team has made significant progress although they had some setbacks along the way.

#“The results did not really show all the hard work and dedication we put into the game. We had good movements across the field, we had some shots but unfortunately the keeper got the best of us,”

#“My hope for the team is that we have more opportunities to play. Our downfall as a team is the lack of games. As an entire unit we rarely get a chance because some are in the USA and Freeport. The more matches we get the better the team can get but unfortunately this tournament is every four years but we look to work towards it,” the head coach said.

#The qualifying stage of the Road to CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup wraps up on December 5.

Youth Flag Football playoffs all set for Saturday

As of Thursday, November 30, 2023


#Tribune Sports Reporter

#THE 2023 Bahamas Youth Flag Football League (BYFFL) playoffs and championships are set to begin this Saturday across the various age divisions on the playing fields opposite the original Thomas A Robinson national stadium.

#After five competitive weeks of flag football action, coaches and players will have a chance to reap the benefits of their efforts this weekend.

#The playoffs kick off at 11am and championships at 2:30pm for the 6-9, 10-13 and 14-17 age groups and will be exciting, according to BYFFL programme director Jayson Clarke.

#In his brief reflection of the BYFFL regular season, he said this has been one of the most successful ones since their start in 2015.

#“This has been our largest, most successful and definitely the most competitive season we have ever hosted since our inception in 2015. I am very pleased with what I have seen throughout this season as it seems as if the league has kind of caught fire. The word has gotten out and flag football is definitely taking off,” Clarke said.

#With regards to playoff matchups, the games get underway with the 10-13 division up first on the schedule.

#Team Munroe, who finished fourth in the standings with a 2-6-0 (win/ loss/draw record), are set to take on the 0-8-0 Team Allen at 11:30am.

#The winner of this game will face Team Kevin, who ended the regular season atop the standings with a 6-0-2 record.

#At noon, the third-seeded Team Moss will battle against the second-seeded Team Dawkins.

#The next age group up on the schedule is the 6-9 division, the youngest group of players, who Clarke offered high praises to for their progression during the regular season. “There has been significant growth in the play styles, particularly in that 6-9 age bracket. Their grasp of the concept of the game has grown significantly to the point where we have already identified a 9U travelling competition team which is something we have never done before,” he said.

#For the 9U division, the 3-5-2 Team Sheldeen will prepare for the lower seeded Team Dawkins, who finished with a 2-5-3 record, at 12:30pm.

#The winner of this round will have their work cut out for them against Team Inne, who finished atop the division’s standings with a 6-1-3 record.

#The programme director said the younger competitors are up to par and can compete at the international level which makes for great matchups on Saturday.

#“We are really excited and happy about them being in the playoffs. The 6-9 age group will be the featured championship game this weekend, that shows how much we think about that group and how much we pride ourselves on the younger kids,” he said.

#Team D’Angelo, the top squad in the 14-17 division, will look to take care of business against the last ranked Team Allen at 1:00pm.

#The match is followed by competition between the 2-3-1 Team Chavar and 3-2-1 Team Munroe.

#Overall, the BYFFL programme director said he is ready to see the competition level in the playoffs and after the championships wrap up they have future plans to develop the skills of younger players going into the 2024 calendar year.

#As previously mentioned, the playoffs begin at 11am and the championship games at 2:30pm.

#Tickets are priced at $5 for adults and kids under 12 are free.

Bahamas Waste celebrates nine-year partnership with Nassau Rowing Club

As of Thursday, November 30, 2023


ROWERS enjoy the water at the Nassau Rowing Club’s Lake Cunningham site.


#BAHAMAS Waste continues to celebrate its nine-year partnership with Nassau Rowing Club, through a renewed commitment to ensuring the organisation’s sanitation needs are met year-round.

#At the club’s Lake Cunningham site, Bahamas Waste has provided public toilet or “porta-potty” facilities, in addition to waste bins for the club’s members and guests, with frequent servicing free of charge.

#Since 2011, Nassau Rowing Club has impacted lives throughout the country, particularly in New Providence, introducing young Bahamians to the sport of rowing which can unlock life-changing opportunities including educational scholarships. The club operates six days a week at Lake Cunningham and has over 50 members, starting from as young as six-years-old.

#“Historically, we’ve operated in people’s backyards and places where we didn’t have access to bathroom facilities,” says Kyle Chea, president of the Nassau Rowing Club.

#“So, what Bahamas Waste has come in and done is basically make it so that we can operate a facility that is more-or-less self-contained, not having to infringe on the hospitality of others more so than we already do.”

#“Everyone needs to go to the bathroom and should have the ability to do it in a sanitary way. So, until we get to the point where we can have four walls and running water, Bahamas Waste has basically given us a self-contained facility and we’re thankful.”

#Over the past year the club has been focused on getting more public high school students involved, recently introducing 250 C.R. Walker Senior High students to the sport and into row boats.

#By May of next year, the club aims to expose more than 1,000 government school students to rowing machines and hopefully recruit some of them into their Opportunities & Access Rowing Squad (OARS).

#OARS removes as many barriers as possible for promising athletes to participate in rowing, a shuttle provides round trip transport from C.R. Walker to Lake Cunningham, swimming lessons are provided at no cost, and donated clothing is provided from donors and friends in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

#Chea said with more colleges and universities interested in recruiting young rowers, Nassau Rowing Club has been seeking to get more high school students involved to potentially introduce them to more scholarship opportunities.

#“Rowing has one of the lowest applicant-to-scholarship ratios across the NCAA, which makes it highly attractive, coupled with our deep relationships with several head and associate head coaches at leading programmes across the United States,” Chea said.

#“We’re focusing on recruiting Bahamian students, primarily from government schools, underprivileged backgrounds, who are usually the most at risk. If we can find enough young Bahamians who can meet the baseline athletic standard, they can work to meet the baseline academic standard, while we can then provide an additional avenue for them to get scholarship aid through athletics. So, through the sport we’re really trying to change lives.”

#“Nassau Rowing Club, for years, has been doing such a great job throughout the community, and we’ve been truly impressed,” said Bahamas Waste Managing director Francisco de Cardenas.

#“The work the club continues to do with the youth of our country is admirable and one that must be celebrated. So, we look forward to supporting them in their venture, in whatever way we can.”

PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Tatyana Madu performs well to earn award for November

JUNIOR tennis ace Tatyana Madu, of Grand Bahama.

JUNIOR tennis ace Tatyana Madu, of Grand Bahama.

As of Thursday, November 30, 2023



#Tribune Sports Reporter

#GRAND Bahama native Tatyana Madu has turned in top performances in November to make her the Tribune Sports Player of the Month. The newest Tribune Sports section segment recognises the collective showings of athletes (male and female) across all sporting disciplines for each month.

#Madu has once again proven herself to be a stellar junior performer in tennis during the month of November. She put on a show at the U14 Junkanoo Bowl where she claimed two titles at the Central American and Caribbean Tennis Confederation (COTECC) event.

#The 14-year-old’s first championship at the junior tournament was earned in the girls’ singles action. Madu was ranked number one in the event and never dropped a set versus any of her opponents leading up to her finals victory.

#In the quarterfinals, she matched up against fellow Bahamian Vonteneke Rolle who she dropped in straight sets 6-0, 6-0.

#She then advanced to the semifinals against Curaçao’s Keziah Fluonia. The latter gave Madu stiff competition in the first set but it was not enough. The newly-crowned Player of the Month defeated Fluonia 7-6(3), 6-1 to move on to her final opponent of the singles event.

#Trinidad and Tobago’s Makeda Bain was determined to at least give the top ranked Madu a challenge but her efforts did not move the needle for the Bahamian junior player.

#Madu collected a relatively comfortable win in set one 6-0 and followed it up with a 6-3 victory in set two to claim one of her two titles at the event.

#Ironically, Madu teamed up with her finals opponent Bain to add another championship trophy to her collection in the girls’ doubles. The duo matched up with fellow Bahamians Sarai Clarke and Marina Bostwick and bested them in straight sets. Madu and Bain knocked off the Bahamians 6-0, 6-1.

#With another title within her reach, Madu and her partner did not disappoint. Fluonia and Bahamian Briana Houlgrave did everything they could to stop Bain and Madu but ultimately came up short in the finals. The winning tandem fell in set one 6-7(5) and recovered in set two 7-6(6).

#In the final tiebreaker, Madu and Bain completed the job, winning 10-4 to earn the former her second trophy of the tournament.

#Her performance during this stretch in November made her the second athlete to be named Tribune Sports Player of the Month.


#In October, Jonquel ‘JJ’ Jones was awarded the honours for her dominance in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) playoffs and finals for the New York Liberty.

#Stay tuned for December’s Tribune Sports Player of the Month.

USVI downs The Bahamas

USVI downs The Bahamas

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Players go after the ball during the match between The Bahamas and the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) in CONCACAF Nations League competition at Roscoe A.L. Davies Soccer Field complex on Wednesday. USVI won, 2-1.

After a 0-0 clean sheet stalemate in their match in October, The Bahamas and the United States Virgin Island (USVI) gave fans in attendance another competitive match on Wednesday, this time with The Bahamas falling short on its home field. The Bahamas lost, 2-1, to USVI to end their 2023 Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Nations League competition.

The competition, dubbed the ‘Road to CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup’, wrapped up for Team Bahamas.

Head Coach for The Bahamas Ricqea Bain said they had to switch their game plan after USVI scored in the 16th minute of the game.

“It was a sketchy game at first. We came out with a plan – Plan A, and then we tried to use Plan B and it started to work. We relied too much on Plan B. We had some opportunities, and we got one goal, but we were unable to put them away,” Bain said.

The USVI was able to find the back of the net in the 16th minute of the game when Mackeish Taylor volleyed the ball past Bahamian goalkeeper Kendi Outten.

The Bahamas was able to tie the match 1-1 when Kenyonique Thompson was able to punish USVI’s goalkeeper Levania Lawrence who bobbled a ball. Thompson touched it, placing it into the back of the net for her first international goal.

“It feels good to get my first international goal,” Thompson said. “I know we had a lot of opportunities to score goals and to score this goal felt good. The team knows we deserve this goal. However, we fell short in the end.”

Three minutes after Thompson scored, the USVI’s Bianca Canizio trapped the ball off her chest at the top of The Bahamas’ 18-yard box and drove it off her right foot past Outten to put the USVI up 2-1.

USVI Head Coach Jorge Zavala Jr. said he was happy that his team got their first win of the tournament.

“I thought the ladies played their hearts out. I am proud of the efforts that they put forward. It has been a long training camp as we prepared for this match. We are excited to have come here and got a win,” he said.

The Bahamas attacked more in the second half, knocking on USVI’s door. The visitors did not give in as their defense thwarted every opportunity The Bahamas tried for a second goal.

The Bahamas’ captain Karen Wert said that they were hoping to take the full three points with a win.

“We are disappointed as we were hoping for a win. We tied them at their home and we were hoping to take the win at our home. I felt we had a good game and we had the better team but sometimes it just ends like that and we could not finish. We made a few mistakes in the back,” Wert said.

Group C ended with Grenada coming out on top with the full 12 points. The USVI finished second with four points and The Bahamas finished third with one point after their 0-0 draw against USVI.

Defenders, Spikers pick up wins in NPVA action

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defebders Volleyball.tiff
In New Providence Volleyball Association (NPVA) regular season action at D.W. Davis Gymnasium on Sunday, the Defenders defeated the Warhawks in four sets, 25-21, 26-24, 22-25 and 25-21, on the men’s side, and the Lady Spikers turned back the Lady Warhawks in straight sets, 25-22, 25-23 and 25-21, on the women’s side.

It was a short evening for two of the elite teams in the New Providence Volleyball Association (NPVA) at D.W. Davis Gymnasium on Sunday, as they took care of their opponents with relatively comfortable results.

In women’s play, the Lady Spikers turned back the Lady Warhawks in straight sets, winning 25-22, 25-23 and 25-21. The Lady Spikers trail just the two-time defending champions Panthers in the standings. The Panthers won in 2019 and again in 2022. There was no league play in 2020 and 2021 due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The match lasted just an hour and 12 minutes.

The other teams in women’s play this season are the Lady Techs, the University of the Bahamas (UB) Mingoes and the Set-sy Poppers.

In men’s play, the Defenders took down the Warhawks in four sets, winning 25-21, 26-24, 22-25 and 25-21.

The Defenders won 98 points compared to 92 for the Warhawks, and the match lasted an hour and 33 minutes.

On Friday, the Intruders got in the win column on the men’s side, taking down the Technicians in four sets.

The Intruders won, 25-22, 26-24, 22-25 and 25-21.

The Intruders won 98 points compared to 92 for the Technicians, and the match lasted an hour and 38 minutes.

BYFFL playoffs and championships set for Saturday  

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A player avoids getting his flag pulled.

The past five weeks has been a busy time for the Bahamas Youth Flag Football League (BYFFL) as its regular season continued and will culminate with its playoffs and championships on the outskirts of the old Thomas A. Robinson Track and Field Stadium this coming Saturday.

The first game for the playoffs gets underway at 11:30 a.m. The championship games are set to kick off at 2:30 p.m.

President of the BYFFL Jayson Clarke is expecting exciting games on Saturday as action this season climaxes.

“We are expecting competitive games. For the most part, the top teams have been beaten by teams that are not highly ranked in the standings. We expect to see some high intensity games. Throughout the season, the players were playing other sports but this Saturday, the teams will be fully stacked and prepared to go,” Clarke said.

Clarke said that the 6-9 age group has made significant strides in terms of the talent pool as well as their level of play. He went on to state that they have been so great that they have the featured game in the championships. The BYFFL has identified a nine-and-under team that will be traveling to represent The Bahamas in tournaments next year.

Team Inne leads that age group with a 6-1-3 win/loss/draw record. The 10-13 age group is led by the only unbeaten team in the league, Team Kevin, which has a 6-0-2 record. The 14-17 age group is led by Team D’Angelo which has a 4-2-0 record on the season.

The level of interest in the sport has led to the highest number of players registered in the history of the league. Organizers were able to fill out teams.

“This has been the best and most successful season by far, not only in numbers but also by competition. We are pleased with how the season went and we are preparing for the USA Flag Championships which will cap off the season,” Clarke said.

The 2023 USA Flag Youth World Championships will be held in San Antonio, Texas, from December 29-30. Three local teams are registered to participate.

Clarke said that flag football is being cemented at a very early stage, developing the sport, which he adds is great for the adult program.

The entry fee for patrons of the BYFFL playoffs and championships is $5. Children 12-and-under get in free.

Conchman 35th Triathlon ‘Soldiers’ on

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Pictured are this year’s winners of the Sprint Triathlon race with the floating trophies, Ayden Bain (left) and Sylvia Bateman, who also won last year’s event too.

Braving rain and a strong cold front, just under 100 athletes competed in Grand Bahama’s annual triathlon races on Saturday at Taino Beach.

The swim, bike, and run event brought out top competitors on the island, as well as athletes from other islands and the USA.

There are three events each year now, the sprint, mini-sprint and conchkids triathlons. This year’s sprint winners were Ayden Bain in the men’s and Sylvia Bateman in the women’s category. Both also were winners in 2022 and Bateman finished first in 2019. Mini-sprint winners were Ellie Gibson, men and Emma Barigella, women. Awards were given out on the day for fastest times, winning teams and other age category winners. Prizes for the top winners included hand-blown glass conchs with yellow elder flowers, beautifully crafted by Sydney Pratt and a local Grand Bahamian artist. Conchkids winners were awarded in several age categories, all results will be posted on the Conchman website in the upcoming week.

Well done to all the athletes for just showing up and competing, to the sponsors for supporting this event and to the organizing committee for keeping this annual event going. For more information on the event, visit the website

TEAM BAHAMAS SET FOR OLYMPIC QUALIFIER: Selected to play in Group B in Valencia, Spain

GO TEAM BAHAMAS: Our men’s national basketball team has been selected to play in Valencia, Spain in Group B with Finland and Poland July 2-7.

GO TEAM BAHAMAS: Our men’s national basketball team has been selected to play in Valencia, Spain in Group B with Finland and Poland July 2-7.

As of Wednesday, November 29, 2023


#Senior Sports Reporter

#As they all watched the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments 2024 draw unfold on Monday, assistant coach Moses Johnson said they are thrilled with the pool the Bahamas national men’s basketball team was placed in.

#Team Bahamas, coming off its championship victory in the Pre-Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Santiago, Argentina, in August, was selected to play in Valencia, Spain in Group B with Finland and Poland from July 2-7. Making up Group A are Lebanon, Angola and Spain.

#There are three other Groups of three teams placed in two pools in Piraeus, Greece, Riga, Latvia and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Two teams from each group will advance to the semifinal stage. However, only the winners of each group will book their tickets to the 2024 Olympic Basketball Tournament in Paris, France.

#Those teams will join France, USA, Canada, Australia, South Sudan, Japan, Serbia and Germany, who have already qualified for the Olympics, scheduled for July 27 to August 11.

#Johnson, an assistant coach on the staff that is led by Chris DeMarco, an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors, said the draw is just what the Bahamas Basketball Federation needed to be in a position to participate in its best chance ever as a team to qualify for the Olympics. “We are happy where we are placed. We are confident that we can compete in that group and we’re looking forward to starting the process for July 2024,” Johnson said.

#“The coaching staff is ecstatic, the players are ecstatic, but it’s more than just being pleased about where we ended up in the group. We now have to put our mind towards competing in that group and getting to the top of the group because only that one team that raises to the occasion will be left standing to head into Paris.”

#Matched against Poland and Finland, Johnson said Team Bahamas will have to play basketball for 48 minutes and be prepared to go toe-to-toe with their rivals when it counts the most down the stretch.

#“Those are tough, gritty teams. Poland might not have a bunch of superstars that people think, but they have guys who play at a high level in Europe, so we are not playing any slouch. We have to play for 48 minutes.

#“And with Finland, they have a pretty good team, led by Lauri Markkanen (who plays for the Utah Jazz in the NBA). We just have to prepare for them. We feel we have a chance to be in every game when it counts down the stretch, especially with having Eric Gordon returning.”

#In preparation for the tournament, Moses said the BBF and the coaching staff will be looking at assembling the best 12 players to play.

#“This is the highest level that we’ve ever been in basketball and so the coaching staff will be looking at getting the best 12 players together over the next few months,” he stated. “We will try to name a squad of about 24 players and from that, we will select the best 12 to represent the country. It was such an honour to hear the commentators say that this is the only time that the Bahamas will play at the Qualifying Tournament and to hear them say that the Bahamas has never been to the Olympics, but they are no pushover.”

#In their quest to assemble the best 12 players, Johnson said the federation is looking at taking a team to play in the Americas Cup in February, which will serve as a tune-up as the Bahamas competes against Puerto Rico in a home and away series. “We are reaching out to all of our corporate partners in the Bahamas to help us assemble this team,” Johnson stated. “We want them to come on board and assist us because this is no easy feat to get to the Olympics. “We just hope that persons can start wrapping their minds around how they can assist the federation and the team and so if there are persons out there interested, we are asking them to reach out to us because we need the financial support of everybody to accomplish this goal.”

#Team Bahamas, behind the NBA trio of newly acquired Gordon (from the Phoenix Suns), Grand Bahamian Chavano ‘Buddy’ Hield (Indiana Pacers) and DeAndre Ayton (Portland Trail Blazers), won their Pre-Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Santiago del Estero, Argentina in August.

#In the championship game, Team Bahamas knocked off Argentina 82-75 to earn the rights to play in the Olympic Qualifier. The teams won 78-62 over Uruguay in the semifinal.

#Other members of Team Bahamas were Dominick Bridgewater, Franco Miller Jr, Rashad Davis, Travis Munnings, Lourawls Nairn Jr, Kentwan Smith, Jaraun Burrows, Garvin Clarke and Davis Nesbitt. “We expect that all of the players who were at the qualifying tournament to return,” Johnson said. “We are looking at trying to do some more stuff to beef up the team a bit. “We will look at the eligibility clause of some other players and see what we can do. We just want to be able to put the best 12 players on the floor that the Bahamas has ever seen.”

NPBA action: Rockets, Regulators in the win column

As of Wednesday, November 29, 2023


#Tribune Sports Reporter

#ON Monday night, the Leno Regulators and Discount Distributors Rockets pulled off wins in division one and two men’s basketball action for the New Providence Basketball Association (NPBA) at the CI Gibson Gymnasium.

#The Leno Regulators defeated the Brandon Deli Kings 79-67 in game two of Monday’s double header.

#Meanwhile, the newly-named Michael Boshang Cooper division two Rockets blew past the Javon Medical Shockers 82-67 to earn a 15-point victory.

#Division One

#Leading the way in scoring for the Regulators was Alexander Rolle. In more than 30 minutes of action, he dropped a game-high 27 points and pulled down 14 boards to mail in a dominant double-double.

#Defensively, Rolle also stole the ball five times and on offence he shot 9-for-19 on a 47.4 per cent shooting clip.

#The Kings jumped ahead by six in the opening quarter behind the efforts of Levanti Roberts, who finished with 17 points and four rebounds in the contest.

#Despite the Kings having a 22-16 advantage going into the second quarter, Trujillo Darville Jr knocked down a go-ahead three pointer to make the score 30-26 in favour of the Regulators.

#The lead changed on multiple occasions but two made free throws by Roberts put the Kings up 38-34 going into halftime.

#The third period began and the Regulators took over and extended the lead by 10 (53-43) as the Kings fell behind. They ended the quarter 60-52. In the final quarter, it was all the Regulators as the Kings never managed to regain their footing in the game and fell to their opponents.

#Division Two

#The division two Rockets had three players score in double digits to help drop the Shockers by 15. Quebell Martin and Kevin Rolle poured in 16 points apiece in the NPBA regular season game.

#Martin was efficient on offence. He made four of his nine baskets and canned seven shots at the charity stripe.

#The ball game was tightly-contested between the division two teams as the Shockers were only able to create a three-point separation on the scoreboard (21-18) after the first quarter.

#The second quarter began and the Rockets quickly evened the score at 25 following a smooth layup by Kevin Rolle. They capitalised on their opportunities and went up by seven (38-31) to close out the half.

#The Shockers were back on top again after the third quarter leading 58-53, but after a made two-pointer by Quiandre Robsinson at 1:59 the Rockets were too far ahead on the scoreboard.

#The Rockets outrebounded the Shockers 72 to 47 on the glass.

#Lamont McPhee posted a 26 points and 11 rebound double-double in a losing effort.

#Additionally, his fellow teammate Joshua Anderson scored 20 points, reeled in eight rebounds and stole the ball four times in the game.

#On Wednesday, the Sand Dollar High Flyers face off against the BIBT Great Whites in division two action at 7:30pm.

#Division one will feature the Island Development Rebels versus the Sand Dollar High Flyers at 8:30pm.