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Grand Bahama senior boys steal spotlight

As of Friday, December 29, 2023


#Senior Sports Reporter

#As the Providence Basketball Club’s 24th Yuletide Classic continued yesterday at the CI Gibson Gymnasium, the two senior boys teams from Grand Bahama took the spotlight. The St George’s Jaguars, one of the perennial teams to watch, held off the CI Gibson Rattlers B team for a 53-49 victory and the newly formed Blazers Elite Academy outlasted the Teleos Cherubims. During the night session, the junior teams were in the spotlight, but scores were not available up to press time last night.

#Here’s a summary of the games played:

#Jaguars 53, Rattlers B 49: In scoring seven straight points down the stretch to break a 46-46 tie in the final two minutes, St George’s held off CI Gibson B team for the win. Deryl Williams erupted for a game high 17 points, Bender Terminus added nine and Lean-der Hall finished with seven as the Jaguars got the win.

#Michael Pierre had 13 and Charles Maynard added seven in a losing effort for the Rattlers’ B team.

#“It’s a game we needed. We started the season kind of rough in Grand Bahama and so this tournament is helping us out,” said Calvin McIntosh, the assis-tant to head coach Darryl Sears.

#“We are three quarters of a team right now so we needed a tight game like this. We know how to play, but we want them to learn how to win so when we get back to Freeport, we can contend for the title.”

#Blazers 48, Cherubim 28: After playing a close first half, the Blaz-ers Elite took their game into another gear and pulled away from Teleos for their second con-secutive win in the tournament.

#The Blazers Elite, who won their opener over the Nassau Christian Academy Crusaders on Wednesday night, got a game high 14 points from T’Kai Delancy. Martin Butler scored 10 points and K. Blaford added eight points in a losing effort.

#“We started off real sloppy, maybe because we had different times for the game and the guys had not eaten their lunch,” said coach Dr Ray Evans.

#“We just had to get some ener-giser in their system so that they could at least play. We could play a lot better, so hopefully you will get to see that as the tournament progresses.” Rattlers A 79, Crusaders 10: Gerard Rolle pumped in a game high 18 points, Zavion Lloyd had 13 and Dwayne Findley had 12 to lead a balanced scor-ing attack for CI Gibson A team.

#Rufus Johnson and Jahmal Johnson had five and four respectively in a losing effort.

#Cobras 50, Mystic Mar-lins 28: CC Sweeting continued to put up big numbers as Tavari Roker scored 11 points and both Donovan Samuels and Brandon Darville added four apiece.

#Klye Wilson and Shelton Nelson scored eight and seven in a losing effort for Doris Johnson.

#It was the first game played for the Mystic Mar-lins in the tournament and coach Kevon Spence said they are trying to regroup from last season.

#“This is a new unit from last year, so we are trying to pick it up and get some building blocks as we move forward,” he said. “As we play more games, the team will develop more.”

#Cougars 31, Cherubim 22: As they continued their wInning streak, Charles W. Saunders prevailed with their second win as Nakero Brown powered inside for 14 points.Trayvon Wright helped out with five.

#After winning their open-ing game, Martino Butler scored a game high 15 as Teleos suffered their first loss.

#“Our boys played tough and the e defense was pretty good,” said Cherubim’s coach Walter Charlton. “I could see fatigue getting to them as the game went on.

#“We lacked a few of our big men, but we went with what we had and we did the best we could.”

#Magicmen 37, Giants 31: In holding off St John’s down the stretch, Govern-ment High got their first win of the tournament as Jer-emiah Cadet came through with a game high 17 points. L Rolle added eight.

#In a losing effort for Giants, coached by Dwayne Smith, Makelin Dar-ling scored 11 points and Marlon Armbrister chipped in with .

#“I’m still upset with our performance. We haven’t practiced since school closed,” said GHS’s coach Elton Sherman. “The guys are still stuffed with ham and turkey.

#“We’re still in the rebuild-ing stage. This is a young team. My team is averag-ing about 16 years. We are basically getting ready for next season. We didn’t close out like we should. But I’m happy to get the win.”

#The tournament will con-tinue today at 9 am. The tournament will wrap up on Saturday when the two champions will be crowned in the junior and senior division.

Falcons eliminated in Arby’s Classic

As of Friday, December 29, 2023


#Senior Sports Reporter

#IN their 23rd trip to the Arby’s Classic, head coach Kevin Clarke said his Tabernacle Baptist Academy Falcons continue to get the high level high school basketball talent to get them ready for the local competition in the Bahamas.

#The Grand Bahama Secondary Schools Athletic Association’s fourth-time defending boys champions got eliminated from competition after dropping their first two games played.

#The Falcons lost their opener 61-54 to the tournament’s host Tennessee High Vikings on Boxing Day and 63-50 to the Daniel Boone Pioneers.

#“Coming up here, there’s always going to be such great talent,” said Clarke, who was assisted by Quincy Gray and Ronald Woodside Jr.

#“We played against some nationally ranked teams in two tough games, but our guys kept her composure.”

#If there’s one major problem they encountered, Clarke said it’s making the adjustment from the traditional zone they are accustomed to playing in the Bahamas to really defending on man-to-man.

#Clarke, who took over from former mentor and now team manager Norris Bain, said he will make the recommendation that teams concentrate more on man-to-man so that they can be better prepared when they face the teams from the United States.

#• Here’s a summary of their games played in the tournament:

#Vikings 61, Falcons 54: Giano Murray Murray scored a side high 11 points with a pair of rebounds and Noah Bain had 10 points with three steals, two assists and two rebounds. Aiden Miller and Joshua Williams both contributed eight points. Miller also had seven rebounds and six assists.

#Tennessee High got a game high 23 points, four assists and three steals from Colin Brown and 15 points, 10 rebounds, four assists and three steals in the win.

#“They are a well structured team. They run their offence the whole time. They are not going to stop so you really have to dig in and defend at a high level.

#“It was a tough game. We led at halftime, but we missed some simple assignments down the stretch and we ended up losing by about four points.

#“These guys can shoot the ball, so you can’t leave them open.”

#Pioneers 63, Falcons 50: Noah Bain scored 19 points with three assists, Alex Minus had nine points with two steals and Aiden Bain had six points with a pair of steals and block shots.

#Gavin Pearce led a balanced scoring attack for Daniel Boone with 15 points. Harry Hamlin had 13 points, Tim McGonigle had 11 and Clay Rowland 10.

#“We came out flat and fell behind by about 16 points in the first quarter,” Clarke said.

#“We came back in the second half to bring it back to about six. “We played so hard to dig ourselves out of the hole. It was good for us, but we should not have put ourselves in that position in the first place. We played hard, but if we did things right at the beginning, we would have been in a better position.”

#Clarke, however, said they use the tournament to get ready for the start of their season in Grand Bahama in January and for the prestigious Hugh Campbell Basketball Classic in New Providence in February.

DR KENT BAZARD – Beyond the barbell: The multidimensional approach to sports performance training

As of Friday, December 29, 2023


Dr Kent Bazard

#IN the realm of sports, the pursuit of peak performance is a complex and nuanced journey. As a sports medicine physician and a certified sports performance coach, I have witnessed the evolution of sports performance training from traditional weightlifting to a more holistic approach.

#To our active sports enthusiasts, ranging from amateur to professional levels, understanding this evolution is key to unlocking your full potential.

#Defining Sports Performance Training: A Holistic Approach

#Sports performance training transcends traditional workouts. It is an integrated approach aimed at enhancing an athlete’s overall abilities, including strength, power, speed, agility and endurance. The purpose is not merely to excel in physical prowess but to develop a comprehensive skill set that translates directly to improved performance in specific sports.

#Strength vs. Power: Tailoring Training to Sports Needs

#A common misconception is equating strength with power. Strength is the ability to exert force, while power is about exerting that force quickly.

#A sprinter, for instance, requires explosive power to burst off the blocks, while a weightlifter needs sheer strength. Training programmes must be customised to these distinct needs. Research in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research supports the idea that different sports require different strength and power conditioning protocols.

#Biomechanics: The Science Behind Movement

#Integrating biomechanics in training programmes ensures that movements are both efficient and safe. By understanding the mechanical laws that govern movements, athletes can improve their technique to enhance performance and minimise injury risk. For example, analysing the bio-mechanics of a tennis serve can lead to adjustments that increase serve speed while reducing shoulder strain.

#Sport-Specific Training: Mimicking the Field of Play

#Key to enhancing athletic performance is sport-specific training, a method that precisely rep-licates the demands of a given sport. For instance, a basketball player’s regimen should include exercises focusing on vertical jumps and lateral movements, directly mirroring on-court actions. This approach is at the heart of successful programmes like those at Empire Sports Medicine, where training is meticu-lously tailored to the unique requirements of each athlete’s sport.

#Moreover, this specificity extends beyond physical exercises. It includes cognitive and tactical training, such as decision-making drills for soccer players, which replicate in-game scenarios. For swimmers, it might involve perfect-ing stroke techniques and turn efficiency, emphasizing movements specific to their events. At Empire Sports Medicine, we under-stand that each sport has its rhythm, pace, and unique set of demands, and our training programmes are designed to mirror these specifics as closely as possible.

#Incorporating technol-ogy, like motion analysis tools, further refines this approach by offering detailed insights into an athlete’s movement pat-terns, allowing for even more personalised train-ing strategies. This level of customisation not only enhances performance but also significantly reduces the risk of sport-specific injuries. By understanding and training the body in the context of the sport’s unique demands, athletes can achieve a level of preparedness that transcends general fitness, making them more agile, efficient, and adept in their specific sporting arena.

#Injury Prevention and Treatment: A Dual Focus in Athletic Excellence Injury prevention and treatment are essential aspects of sports performance training. This approach goes beyond just muscle strengthening, encompassing flexibility and balance exercises to lower the risk of injuries.

#When injuries do occur, it is crucial to integrate treatment with performance training for a complete recovery. This method is effectively demonstrated by professional sports teams, where sports medicine professionals and perfor-mance coaches collaborate closely to align an athlete’s rehabilitation with their performance goals.

#The strategy includes techniques like proprioceptive training, which enhances body awareness and uses stability tools to improve balance. Ensuring adequate rest, proper nutrition, and hydration are also fundamental in recovery and injury prevention. Educating athletes about the signs of over- training and the importance of reporting discomfort is key to preventing more serious injuries. This comprehensive approach not only treats but also prevents future injuries, maintaining the athlete’s long-term health and peak performance.

#Real-Life Solutions: Translating Theory into Practice

#To implement these concepts, start with a thorough assessment of your specific sport’s demands and your current abilities. Consult with a sports performance coach to develop a tailored training plan. Regularly review and adjust this plan as you progress and as your needs change.

#In Conclusion: A Comprehensive Path to Excellence Sports performance

#training is more than just lifting weights or running drills. It is a comprehensive approach that considers the unique demands of each sport and each athlete. By embracing this multifaceted training philosophy, athletes can push their boundaries and achieve new heights of performance. This article aims to shed light on the sophisticated nature of sports performance train-ing, guiding athletes in their pursuit of excellence. Remember, the journey to peak performance is not a one-size-fits- all path but a personalised and evolving process. As we strive for greatness in our respective sports, let us embrace the full spectrum of training methodologies available to us.

#• Dr Kent Bazard is a Bahamian sports medi-cine physician, sports performance coach, sports nutrition specialist and founder of Empire Sports Medicine. Our mission is to empower athletes to reach new heights while safeguarding their health and well-being. We understand the unique demands of sports activities, and we are dedicated to helping athletes prevent injuries, overcome challenges, optimise nutrition and performance.

Providence Classic starts with a bang

THE PROVIDENCE Basketball Club’s Holiday Basketball Classic got underway yesterday at the CI Gibson Gymnasium.
Photo: Moise Amisial

THE PROVIDENCE Basketball Club’s Holiday Basketball Classic got underway yesterday at the CI Gibson Gymnasium. Photo: Moise Amisial

As of Thursday, December 28, 2023


#Senior Sports Reporter

#The Providence Basketball Club’s 24th annual Yuletide Basketball Classic got off with a bang yesterday at the CI Gibson Gymnasium, despite the organisers having to juggle the line-up in the absence of a few teams.

#The tournament, which features both the junior and senior boys’ division, will continue today at 9am and will run through Saturday when the two new champions will be crowned.

#Heading into the remaining three days, the junior division has been dropped to two pools of six teams each instead of the four pools as originally planned.

#Pool one now comprises DW Davis, AF Adderley, Queen’s College, Nassau Christian Academy, TA Thompson and Agape, while pool two will include St John’s, Jordan Prince Williams, ISBET, Charles W. Saunders, Teleos and Anatol Rodgers.

#Likewise, the senior boys’ division still comprised four pools, but each has been reduced to just four teams. The makeup of the pools are as follows:

#Pool 1 – CI Gibson A, Blazer Elite, Nassau Christian Academy and Mt Carmel. Pool 2 is made up of Charles W Saunders, Government High, Teleos and St John’s. Pool 3 features CC Sweeting, Galilee, Doris Johnson and Queen’s College. And in pool four are St George’s, CI Gibson B, Jordan Prince Williams and CV Bethel.

#• Here’s a look at some of the games played on day one:

#Senior boys’ division

#Charles W Saunders 45, St John’s 19: In a match-up of two private schools that was over from the first quarter as the Cougars soared out to a 15-4 lead, the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools Sports’ champions kept the pressure on and made it look so easy.

#Treymon Wright scored a game high 13 points and Gervasia Johnson added 10 to lead a potent offensive attack for Charles W. Saunders, who also clamped down defensively to take St John’s out of their rhythm. Makelin Darling had 10 in a losing effort.

#“It was excellent. I saw growth,” said CWS’ head coach Dario Burrows, who didn’t have all of his players participate in the game. “The team came out and executed well. They played team ball. We didn’t rebound as well, but these off-season tournaments will only help us to get better.”

#CC Sweeting 46, Queen’s College 28: In another strong offensive attack, the Cobras were too much for the Comets to handle with E. Adams leading the way with a game high 16 points. Davon Davis had 11 in a losing effort.

#“I wasn’t satisfied with the effort. We had a long break and some of the players went to junkanoo,” said CC Sweeting’s coach Darshtyan Baker. “It took us a little while to get our feet under us, but once we did, we started to play a lot better.”

#CV Bethel 46, CI Gibson B: After getting out early in the first half, the Stingrays had to hold down the stretch to prevail against the late comeback surge from the Rattlers in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter.

#Daniel Bodie, who scored the game’s winning basket with nine seconds left on the clock, ignited their attack with a game high 23 points. Michael Pierre had 10 in a losing effort. “It was a good win. The guys were trying to burn off some of the food they ate over Christmas,” said CV Bethel’s coach Daniel Pratt. “But overall, the guys are just trying to get ready for the second half of the GSSSA season, so it was a good win and a good start to the tournament.”

#Junior boys’ division

#ISBET 34, Teleos 31: Paidys Turnquest came through with 11 points and Zhyon Thompson chipped in with seven to spark the win for the Eagles. Raymond Lowe matched the game’s high honours with 11 for the Cherubim in the loss.

#“They performed well. This is the holiday season, so we’re just trying to get back into it,” said high jumper Kyle Alcine, who serves as the new coach of the team. “It was a good performance. We have a fairly good team. We just have to play more defence and we will be much better than we are now.”

#Jordan Prince Williams 34, Anatol Rodgers 24: Antonio Knowles and Anthony Rolle provided a 1-2 punch with nine and eight points respectively to help fuel the Falcons in their win as they cut down the Timberwolves.

#“We are out of sync. We need to get it together. We’re just not playing JPW basketball,” said Falcons’ coach Ernest Saunders. “We need to work on everything. We need to get our chemistry back, offensively and defensively. We have to get mentally prepared and physically tough.”

#In two other junior boys’ games played, St John’s stomped past Charles W Saunders 47-8 and DW Davis knocked off Nassau Christian Academy 36-21.

#• Here’s a look at the schedule for today:

#Session one (senior boys), starting at 9am – Nassau Christian Academy vs CI Gibson A; Doris Johnson vs CC Sweeting; Teleos vs Charles W. Saunders; St John’s vs Government High School; St John’s vs Government High and St George’s vs CI Gibson B.

#Session two (junior boys), starting at 4 pm – DW Davis vs Agape; AF Adderley vs TA Thompson; Queen’s College vs Nassau Christian Academy; St John’s vs Anatol Rodgers; Jordan Prince Williams vs Teleos; ISBET vs Charles W. Saunders; TA Thompson vs DW Davis; Agape vs Nassau Christian Academy; AF Adderley vs Queen’s College; Teleos vs St John’s; Anatol Rodgers vs Charles W. Saunders and Jordan Prince Williams vs ISBET.

Raynor Andrews makes it official with Rutgers


As of Thursday, December 28, 2023


RAYNOR ANDREWS with his mother Lakeya Hamilton and step-father Anthony Hamilton.


#Senior Sports Reporter

#AFTER making the switch from basketball to football, Raynor ‘Big Ray’ Andrews now finds his way on the verge of joining one of the elite college football programmes at Rutgers University where he will be playing for the Scarlet Knights team next year.

#The former student of SC McPherson Junior High School and Noble Preparatory Academy left the Bahamas in the 10th grade to attend Miami Jackson to continue playing basketball, but after he switched to Miami Norland last year, he completed his high school tenure as a football player for the Vikings through one of his advisors.

#After starting off with just two offers for college, by the time he was ready to sign his letter of intent, he had more than 20 colleges and universities to choose from. Watered down to the final five, which included Florida State, West Virginia, University of Central Florida and Colorado, Andrews made the commitment to Rutgers.

#“When I first came over here (in Florida), that was one of the first schools I visited,” said Andrews about his college tour of all the potential schools. “Before they even offered me a scholarship, they saw the potential in me. They always stayed in contact with me and they encouraged me and told me that I would be a great football player.

#“When I narrowed down the schools, that was the best choice for the style of football that I play. Even their programme they offered was exactly what I was looking for. I spoke to my parents and my grandparents and they liked it too, so that was why I made it my choice.”

#Andrews, who turned 19 on October 17, is a native of Black Point, Exuma, and is the oldest of three sons of Lakeya Hamilton, who is married to his step-father Anthony Hamilton. They were all on hand with his girlfriend Thalia Smith and her parents, Urban and Thelma Smith, as well as his coaches and some of his friends when he made it official, signing his papers on December 20 at Miami Norland.

#“It was a surreal moment because all I was thinking about during the whole time was when I was back home and I was thinking about how I would get off to school,” Andrews said. “To know that this is what my future is like was a crazy moment for me.

#“To know that my people in Black Point were really happy for me because it was a big deal. I’m the first Bahamian student-athlete at Rutgers. It just felt great because all of the hard work and energy I put into my preparation is paying off. I now just have to go and finish it off.”

#At Miami Norland, under coach Daryle Heidelburg, Andrews helped the Vikings to a perfect 14-0 win-loss record during the regular season, only to lose in the state championship game. They were the district and G-Mac champions.

#As the anchor of the Vikings’ offensive line that produced more than 6,700 yards of total offence, Andrews was ranked at number 99 as an offensive tackle nationally by On3.

#“That was a crazy experience because when I first transferred there, our main goal was to get to the state championship and win it,” Andrews recalled.

#“We worked so hard the whole year. We beat every team, including Miami Central, the number three ranked team in the nation. They won three straight championships, but we kicked them out in the playoffs.

#“We beat three state championship teams in our regular season. But when it was time to close out, we took the team we played lightly and we underestimated them. But coming second place in the state championship, I won’t forget because I know I have to play much harder because I don’t like losing. I was mad for a couple of days.”

#Although he won’t officially join the Scarlet Knights team until August, Andrews will be heading to Rutgers on January 11 having graduated already from Miami Norland.

#But the 6-6, 315-pound left tackle already started his college workouts to get his body fit and ready for the collegiate circuit.

#“I primarily play left tackle, but there’s a senior player who decided to stay on, so after the right tackle left to declare for the draft and the backup entered the transfer portal, they said the spot is open and the head coach (Greg Schiano) told me I can come in and play that spot once I put my mind to it and put in the work,” said Andrews, who intends to study business marketing.

#“He (Schiano) said he doesn’t mind putting a freshman in the starting lineup at that position, so it’s possible that I can come in and play in that spot immediately. I just have to go through the workout sessions and the job is mine.”

#While he has no regrets in making the switch over from basketball to football, Andrews said he’s appreciative of the support he got from persons like his father Raynor Andrews Sr, uncle Raymone Andrews and coach Geno Bullard and Noble Preparatory Academy, as well as the Black Point community in Exuma.

#“To my family, I want them to know that I am doing this big for us and I will continue to do so to put our island on the map in football,” he said. “And to the kids back home who want to pursue their football dreams, don’t think that you can’t play football because you are in the Bahamas.

#“There are a lot of connections out there to get you over here. You just have to put in the work and expose yourself a lot and the coaches and scouts will come looking for you.”

#Andrews said he thanks “God” for all of his blessings he’s received so far.

Laurann Brown makes adjustment to softball

As of Thursday, December 28, 2023


LAURANN BROWN in action at bat.


#Senior Sports Reporter

#IN one year, Laurann Brown made an impressive switch to softball at Harris- Stowe State University in Missouri after she transferred from Dodge City Community College where she played soccer.

#The 5-foot, 6-inch outfielder, who occasionally plays infield, is now in her senior year and she’s quite thrilled about her transition, considering the fact she never played softball before.

#“At first, the softball coach needed some help with numbers, so we decided to help out,” said Brown, who joined a few other soccer players who moved from soccer to softball. “With soccer, I sort of lost the love and passion, so I decided to try softball.

#“It was kind of hard because the game was totally different. They apply two different things. I believe soccer is more physical and softball is more mental. Having the softball IQ was what I was working on. It’s been difficult, but I think I’ve gotten much better than where I was when I first started playing.”

#From the fourth grade at Xavier’s Primary School, Brown started playing soccer. She continued through high school at St. Anne’s until she graduated in 2018. At the same time, she was also playing in the Bahamas Football Association’s girls’ league with Cavalier Football Club.

#During the past semester, Brown said they played fall ball and when she returns to school in January, they will begin preparation for the regular season, starting in February.

#“We want to win a lot more games than we did in the past,” Brown stated. “We just want to score a lot of runs, limit the errors and have a level headed mentality during the season.”

#Harris-Stowe State University is coming off a 6-37 win-loss record last year, but Brown said if they can develop a level-headed mentality during the season, they can play much better and win more games in the AMC Conference in the NAIA Division One.

#“I believe that we can win the conference. We have a lot of key players that we recruited in the fall, who should definitely be able to help us in the spring,” she pointed out. “I feel like this team can mesh well together. The only person who will stop us from winning is ourselves.”

#With the expectations for themselves, Brown said they are eager to surpass the performances of the team in the past and prove to everyone that they are a much better team and they can recruit more talented players in the future.

#As the only Bahamian and even foreign player on the team, Brown said she felt right at home with her peers.

#“As a walk-on with the team, I felt the expectations for me were there,” she said. “My team-mates find it funny that I’m from a different country. But they support me in anything I say, especially with my slang and some of the things that I say. They find it very funny.”

#Likewise, Brown said it’s been a learning experience for her, just as much as it was for her team-mates.

#“They learn from me and I learn from them,” she stated. “I am proud to say that I am from the Bahamas. Any time I get, I try to teach them something about the Bahamas. So I think it’s fun for me as well.”

#While home on a break for the Christmas holiday, Brown said the first thing she wanted to engage in was some good home cooking from her mother, Charlene Stubbs-Brown. Of course, she couldn’t resist getting a meal from Bamboo Shack. The only thing she hasn’t indulged in is conch salad, but she intends to get some before she returns to school on January 8.

#The 23-year-old finance major said she’s also enjoying her final year in college, especially playing softball.

#“My last semester as I prepared for my graduation in May, I got a 3.8 GPA in my last semester so school is going very well,” Brown said. “I think softball has helped me to grow a lot as a person and so I really don’t have any regrets making the switch when I did. I don’t regret it at all.

#“We got to travel to different states and had an overnight stay. We also made it to conference finals, which was also good. But in softball, there’s been a lot more travel and overnight stays. And to play in that stadium was amazing.”

#Once she’s done this year, Brown said she’s contemplating on returning to grad school to get her master’s degree in sports administration or she may start working. However, she doesn’t envision playing softball, but is more interested in returning to soccer.

#“I have been training a little bit for soccer. I think I will try out for one of the semi-pro leagues and see how that goes,” Brown said. “But after I graduate, I think I’m going to be done with softball. I’m good, but it’s not something I want to continue to pursue.”

#Since she left home to attend college, Brown said she’s been pleased with the support she’s gotten from her mother, grandfather Charles ‘Chuck’ Stubbs, her Cavalier coaches and her college coaches in both soccer and softball.

#“They all helped me to learn more of the game and about myself, so I’m really grateful for all that they have done in supporting me,” she summed up.

#Hopefully as she gets set to complete her collegiate tenure, Brown said she’s looking forward to making everyone proud of her accomplishments.

Greene elected to CAZOVA board

As of Thursday, December 28, 2023



#KURTWOOD Greene, the third vice president of the Bahamas Volleyball Federation (BVF), was elected to the Caribbean Zonal Volleyball Association (CAZOVA) Board of Administration during the electoral congress held at the Brix Hotel on Coblentz Avenue in Port of Spain on Sunday, December 17, 2023.

#The congress was attended by 12 of 14 national federation members and was held under the supervision of North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (NORCECA) president Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz.

#CAZOVA members include Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bonaire, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Suriname, US Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago and Turks and Caicos Islands.

#Mushtaque Mohammed of Trinidad and Tobago was re-elected as president along with Cayman Islands’ Kennedy McGowan (first vice-president); Bonaire’s Gisette Emer (second vice-president), Jamaica’s Jacqueline Cowan (secretary general) and board member Filomena Daniel Curiel of Aruba along with newly appointed Bahamian Kurtwood Greene (treasurer) and board member, Mark Lewis of Barbados.

#Greene is the latest board member from The Bahamas since Don Cornish, who served as president in 2001-2002.

#“I am truly grateful to the BVF for nominating me for this position,” Greene said. “My focus is to provide full transparency, especially with all financial matters while improving the conditions of volleyball within the region and to represent The Bahamas with pride.”

#Greene, who is also vying for the presidency of the BVF in January 2024, indicated that he will do everything in his power to implement a strategic plan that includes amongst other things improving good governance, building partnerships with all stakeholders, and providing a consistent development environment for athletes.

Jamiah Nabbie named Female Junior Athlete of the Year

CHAMPION - Jamiah Nabbie

CHAMPION – Jamiah Nabbie

As of Thursday, December 28, 2023

#Jamiah Nabbie capped off a successful track season crowned as the Tribune’s 2023 Junior Female Athlete of the Year.

#It was a long but exciting year across all the sporting disciplines with the 50th Oaktree CARIFTA Games being hosted at home, the Bahamas Games making a return and the CARIFTA Aquatics team pulling off a five-peat.

#Nonetheless, the results of the top junior performers of 2023 are now officially in.

#Champion – Jamiah Nabbie

#Nabbie made her mark and etched her name in the minds of Bahamians after turning in a remarkable performance at the 50th CARIFTA Games at home.

#The Queen’s College student secured the first gold medal for The Bahamas on the track in the under 17 girls’ 100 metre finals.

#The 16-year-old clocked a personal best time of 11.67 seconds to get the home crowd rocking at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium. She collected another gold medal, this time in the 200m finals with a personal best of 23.67 seconds.

#Her work at the track and field regional competition was not done as the relay team consisting of herself, Shayann Demeritte, Darvinique Dean and Bayli Major claimed the second podium spot in the under 17 girls’ 4x100m relays with a time of 46.43 seconds.

#Nabbie’s run in 2023 was not done by any means. The CARIFTA double gold medallist came away with a gold medal at the Speed Capital International Championships in the 100m event, notching 11.85 seconds for the win.

#Meanwhile, at the 2023 Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) National Track and Field Championships, Nabbie pulled off two second place finishes in the 100m and 200m events with times of 11.63 and 24.10 respectively.

#She was not only named the Tribune’s 2023 Female Junior Athlete of the Year but also the Female Senior High School Student Athlete of the Year at the National Sports Awards.

#The top CARIFTA performer played a pivotal role in helping The Bahamas to rack up 41 total medals, including nine gold medals, doubling last year’s total of 17 medals.


RUNNER-Up – Saleste Gibson

#Runner-Up – Saleste Gibson

#Saleste Gibson was equally as impressive for The Bahamas at the 2023 CARIFTA Aquatics Championships in Willemstad, Curaçao. She competed in a total of 13 races in the 11-12 age group.

#In the nine individual events she swam in, Gibson hauled in seven gold medals and one silver medal.

#The top junior claimed victories in the 50 and 100m butterfly, 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle. Additionally, she conquered the 200m individual medley and captured her lone silver medal in 200m fly.

#She reeled in four gold medals in the relay events as well.

#Gibson was a force to be reckoned with in the pool, scoring 75 points in the 11-12 girls’ category to take the high point award and help The Bahamas to five-peat at the 2023 CARIFTA Swimming Championships.


3RD Place Finisher – Keyezra Thomas

#Third Place Finisher – Keyezra Thomas

#Keyezra Thomas, who attends Bishop Michael Eldon, made it hard to ignore her strides in athletics in 2023.

#She helped The Bahamas to yet another North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association (NACAC) Under-13 and U-15 Age Group Championship in July. Thomas placed second in the U15 girls’ heptathlon with a total of 4,355 points for silver.

#The 13-year-old also managed to qualify for the 50th CARIFTA Games, delivering outstanding first place performances in the 200m, 400m and long jump events at the CARIFTA Trials.

#In the 400m event, she ran a swift time of 56.28 seconds to meet the CARIFTA standard but was unable to join the team due to her age.

#At the Speed Capital International Championships, she earned her second fastest time of the season in the 200m 13-14 girls’ division with 24.66 seconds.

#Although she was ineligible for the 2023 CARIFTA team, it would be wise to keep an eye out for Thomas on the track and field next year.

VJ Edgecombe named Junior Male Athlete of the Year

VALDEZ ‘VJ’ Edgecombe

VALDEZ ‘VJ’ Edgecombe

As of Friday, December 29, 2023


#Tribune Sports Reporter

#Valdez “VJ” Edgecombe has been awarded the Tribune’s 2023 Junior Male Athlete of the Year. With athletics and aquatics garnering a number of the top stories throughout the year, Edgecombe provided a bright spot for basketball in the junior category.

#Champion – Valdez Edgecombe

#The verdict is out on the Bimini native potentially being the next household name in basketball for The Bahamas. He is currently ranked number five on the ESPN Class of 2024 national rankings and up to 25 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division one programmes are actively trying to recruit him to their respective schools.

#Among the top NCAA D1 basketball programmes in the mix are the Duke University Blue Devils, Baylor University Bears and University of Kentucky Wildcats. The trio of teams are currently the top three potential landing spots for Edgecombe as he expects to make a decision soon.

#The 6-foot-5 shooting guard was also offered an opportunity to play for the NBA G League Ignite. The 18-year-old, who currently plays for the Long Island Lutheran High School, was presented the 2022-23 Player of the Year Award for the National Interscholastic Basketball Conference (NIBC).

#During this stint, the team boasted a 10-2 win/loss record while VJ averaged a team-high 17.3 points per game, 5.3 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 2.1 steals.

#Additionally, he was selected as the Adidas Eurocamp Most Valuable Player (MVP) this summer.

#The top 2024 prospect had a sweet homecoming earlier this month at the second Hoopfest in Paradise hosted at the Kendal GL Isaacs Gymnasium. He had a stellar performance in the top high school tourney, propelling the Crusaders to an unblemished 2-0 record to complete the trip.

#He helped the team to knock off Mater Dei Catholic High School 81-68 behind his game-high 30 points. In the following game, the result was the same with the Crusaders defeating Riviera Preparatory School 83-50.

#Edgecombe had 25 points in this game and averaged 27.5 points in the two games played.

#Runner-Up – David Singh

#The year was nothing short of successful for the aquatics sporting discipline and David Singh contributed greatly to that success in 2023.

#He made a name for him-self at the 2023 CARIFTA Aquatics Championships and Bahamas National Swimming Championships to earn the runner-up position for Junior Male Athlete of the Year.

#Singh, of the Barracuda Swim Club, hauled in eight medals at the CARIFTA Aquatics Championships in Willemstad, Curaçao. The junior rounded up wins in the 400m freestyle, 200m and 400m individual medley, 50m and 100m breaststroke, and 50m backstroke.

#He earned an additional two silver medals in the 100m and 200m backstroke and a fourth place finish in the 50m fly.

#In the 11-12 boys’ divi-sion, Singh ended the 50m breast with a personal best time of 34.63 seconds.

#Additionally, in the 100m breast, he touched the wall in 1:16.03 for another personal best.

#For the 200IM and 400IM events he clocked times of 2:29.75 and 5:24.80 which were both personal bests. He came first in the 50m back in 31.15 seconds and clocked 4:46.23 in the 400m freestyle. He claimed the 11-12 boys’ division high point award after amassing 73 points in the division.

#At the Bahamas Aquatics National Swimming Championships, Singh received six first place finishes in the 100m and 200m backstroke, 100 and 200m breast, 200m and 400m IM to solidify himself as a top performer in aquatics.

#Third Place Finisher – Adam Musgrove

#Adam Musgrove wrapped up his final season as a junior in iconic fashion. Musgrove shined brightly at the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) National Track and Field Championships in July.

#He completed the event as a double national champion, winning the 100m and 200m U20 events. In the under 20 boys’ 100m finals, he ran a scorching 10.30 seconds which was a new personal best for him and a new junior national record.

#At the 50th CARIFTA Games, the 19-year-old earned bronze in the under 20 boys’ 100m and 200m finals with times of 10.44 and 20.96 seconds respectively.

#He helped his relay team to earn first and second place finishes in the 4x100m relays at the Pan American Under-20 Championships and NACAC U-23 Championships.

#Musgrove concluded his final season as a junior on his own terms.

Hield returns to the bench; Pacers over .500 with win

  • Simba French
  • Dec 28, 2023
  •  0
Pacers Rockets Basketball
Indiana Pacers guard Buddy Hield (7) reaches for the ball as Houston Rockets forward Tari Eason, right, drives to the basket during the second half of an NBA basketball game Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2023, in Houston. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke)Michael Wyke

Bahamian professional basketball player Chavano ‘Buddy’ Hield and the Indiana Pacers picked up their 15th win of the season with a 123-117 triumph over the Houston Rockets on Tuesday. The win lifted the Pacers to over .500 basketball coming out of the Christmas break.

The road win at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, improved the Pacers to a 15-14 win/loss record on the season. The win also snapped a three-game skid. The Rockets have a 15-13 record.

The Pacers were efficient as a team, finishing the night at 52.4 percent from the field. They connected on 19 shots from deep compared to the Rockets’ five made three-pointers.

Leading the way for the Pacers was guard Tyrese Haliburton with a game-high 33 points. Alperen Sengun led the Rockets with 30 points.

It was a back-and-forth game that had 15 lead changes but none as important for the Pacers as Haliburton’s made three-point shot with just over a minute left in the game. That shot gave them a 120-117 lead. They never trailed again.

Hield had a key offensive rebound with 42.1 seconds left in the game and Pacers’ Head Coach Rick Carlisle called a timeout.

Coming out of the timeout, the Pacers made a key bucket to go up 122-117.

It was a close game at the end of the first half as the Rockets led 67-64. The Pacers took control in the third quarter. They outscored the Rockets, 37-23, to take a 101-90 lead heading into the final quarter. Hield was most impactful in that fourth quarter as he made two shots from deep.

The Pacers return to action tonight when they take on the Chicago Bulls (14-18) at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Tip-off is set for 8 p.m.

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