Man “for all seasons,” Dr. Roberts passes on

Man “for all seasons,” Dr. Roberts passes on

 June 7, 2020 

 Fred Sturrup,

Sports Scope


One of the most well-rounded citizens of the world, Dr. Patrick Roberts, died on Saturday morning past.

He touched so many, in multiple facets of life, that the mourning will be widespread, inclusive of the producer of this column.

With the passing of this lively, energetic, humanitarian, those of us who were fortunate to travel down roads with such a philanthropist, kind and astute; a man phenomenally medically-gifted; a great academe specialist; an esteemed counsellor; a sporting icon; and, one who functioned at the highest level of decency; ought to be gratified for having been so enriched.

Indeed, Dr. Roberts was all that and more. He left incredibly long lines of people he helped, financially, academically, health-wise of course, in various sporting areas, in the medical field, and, generally, randomly at times.

The country has lost a giant.

For sure, he will be missed in the sports world. He was known internationally, in sports. It was Dr. Roberts who was appointed to initiate the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission (BADC), back in 2003, when The Bahamas signed on as a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), that guideline body for fairness (non-doping) in sports.

Outside of his anti-doping role, Dr. Roberts was the long-serving chief doctor in the Bahamas Olympic Movement; an incredible medial presence for more than four decades in boxing, at all levels; an avid tennis supporter; and a general sports fan at heart.

Through it all, his many interactions, with hundreds, thousands, on all forums, he remained humble, almost to a fault. He was a gentleman supreme, and, typified the “help thy neighbor” concept. Often, he appeared more inclined to help others than look after his own interests.

In sports, and particularly in boxing, on countless occasions he provided medical services for every boxer on an upcoming show, free of charge. Along the way, medication was provided to those unable to pay the cost.

His professionalism, his medical equipment, medication and other related material,

Dr. Roberts just offered without pressing for payment. He was a humanitarian and philanthropist like few others.

The vast knowledge, across the board, he carried in his head, was in his view, to be benefited by all and sundry, not just a particular circle of family members and friends.

Dr. Roberts was a man for all seasons.

Certainly, there is a void in our lives, that will never be filled.

On behalf of The Bahamas Boxing Commission, which I currently chair, and fellow commissioners, I offer condolences to his wife Mrs.  Jodell Roberts, daughters, and the rest of the family, inclusive of former sports ministers Neville Wisdom and Dr. Daniel Johnson.

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