Roadmasters’ Bahamas Half Marathon, 10k Race Goes Virtual

By Brent Stubbs

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

#IN the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Bahamas Roadmasters has decided to take its 2020 Bahamas Half & 10 kilometre race virtually, powered by the Cancer Treatment Centres of America.

#Due to the COVID-19 Emergency Orders, club president Marcel ‘Pops’ Major said participants can now look forward to running the eighth version of the half marathon or 13.1 miles race or the 10K (6.2 miles) race within their community from Monday, November 16 to Sunday, November 22nd.

#Major said in keeping with the COVID-19 protocols, social distancing and avoidance of mass gatherings and based on international trends that is happening in the running world, which introduced virtual running, Bahamas Roadmasters decided to give Bahamians an opportunity to participate in an organised, loving distance event.

#“We are aware that it is a novel running idea and it will take a while for the Bahamians to embrace it, but we are very optimistic that those that like the sport of long distance running will see the value in it, which will give them the opportunity to challenge themselves for better or improved running times and still compete for a medal, while we are in a pandemic,” Major said.

  • Each participant must register for either the 10K or half marathon at a cost of $25 on the website:
  • Each participant must run their race registered for within their community on any day within the November 16-22. The run must be in one session and can not be broken into some miles today and others the next day. They all must be done all at once.
  • Each participant must take a photo of them before and after their run. They are also to produce a photo of their miles and times logged via a running app. Those photos along with an identification must be presented to the Palmdale Vision Centre in Centerville on Monday, November 23 between the hours of noon and 5pm. At that time, they will receive a Bahamas Half 2020 finisher medal.

#This is not the first time that Bahamas Roadmasters has tried to do a virtual run this year because of COVID-19.

#According to Major, the pilot project was a success, hence they are looking for tremendous support for their signature event, the Bahamas Half & 10K.

#“We experimented with it on a small scale during the Labour Day holiday where we promoted a free 10K or 5K Bahamas Roadmasters virtual race and gave away shirts and medals that we had left over from previous Bahamas Half races,” he said.

#“The running public embraced it overwhelmingly, hence the decision to go full fledged with our signature race, the Bahamas Half. This will be our eighth annual race, only this one will be held virtually.”

#It should be noted that no awards will be distributed to the various winners or t-shirts or goodie bags, as has been done in the past.

#Instead, Major said the finishers will only receive a medal for completing their particular course.

#“We are also a community-minded organisation and giving back to charitable organisations is our mantra,” Major said. “It’s very important to note that we are proudly sponsored by The Cancer Treatment Centres of America CTCA. The 2020 race is being dubbed The Bahamas Half powered by The Cancer Treatment Centres of America.”

#As a result, Major said part proceeds from this year’s event will be presented to the Royal Bahamas Police Force welfare fund for cancer treatment.

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