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‘Mr Consistent’ Maycock A National Golf Champion

SASHA and Christine Wallace-Whitfield present the championship trophy to veteran golfer Greg Maycock. Chris Lewis, president of the Bahamas Professional Golfers Association, at far right, looks on.
Photos courtesy of David Knowles

SASHA and Christine Wallace-Whitfield present the championship trophy to veteran golfer Greg Maycock. Chris Lewis, president of the Bahamas Professional Golfers Association, at far right, looks on. Photos courtesy of David Knowles

Friday, December 4, 2020


#Senior Sports Reporter


#As consistent as he was from day one, Greg Maycock maintained his lead and held on to win the Bahamas Professional Golfers Association’s Leroy ‘Roy’ Bowe Founder BPGA 2020 National Championship title.

#At the end of the four days of competition at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island yesterday, Maycock accumulated rounds of 74-74-75-73 for a total score of 296 to cart the prestigious title off to Grand Bahama.

#Maycock received it from Bowe’s daughter Christine Bowe Wallace-Whitfield, which could have still gone to Grand Bahama as fellow natives Keathen Stuart was runner-up with 76-76-79- 79 for 303 and Chris Lewis completed the top of the chart in third with 82-80- 77-77 for 316.

#The three Grand Bahamians were matched against each other in the last of the two threesomes between the six professional golfers who participated.


BPGA treasurer Keno Turnquest presents Keathen Stuart with his second place prize.

#Rounding out the field in the other threesome were Marcus Pratt (80- 78-85-80-323); Glenn Pratt (89-82-83-82- 336) and Matthew Cox (97-88-88-87-360).

#Maycock, one of the two veteran players in the tournament that started on Monday, said the performance was just what he needed, considering the fact that he finished fourth in the last BPGA tournament he played here in July. “For today, I could say it was pretty nifty because somewhere in that round, I did some funny stuff,” Maycock said. “I had two double bogeys and so overall for four days, I will take it and just work with that. I’m happy about winning.”

#As one of the younger players coming on the scene when the late Bowe was making his exit, Maycock said it was an honour to win the title for the legend of the game in the Bahamas.

#“For what he did for the game, I am proud to take this trophy and appreciate it,” he said.

#“It was good to win the title in his honour.”

#It was a year ago when Maycock last won a tournament that was staged by Ricardo Davis. But he said this one is much sweeter because it comes with the national professional title of the Bahamas.

#Stuart, who is now based here at Albany where he is employed, said he was coming for Maycock. But not even the day’s lowest score of even-par-72 yesterday was enough.

#“Today, I played much better. I hit the ball more solid. I made a few putts, but it wasn’t as consistent as I wanted it to be,” he said.

#“I made a run at it in the first nine, but Greg Maycock held his own and it was a fight to the end. I’m happy with the way I played today.”

#Although he had a lot riding on his performance as the president of the BPGA, Lewis said he was just a little too inconsistent with some mental mistakes.

#“That happens when you are rusty as far as tournament play is concerned,” he said. “But all in all, I am very encouraged about the event and getting things back as far as the association is concerned.”


KENO Turnquest presents Chris Lewis with his prize for third place.

#Marcus Pratt, who fell short of getting into the top stream of the competition, said his performance was not up to par, but it was a great improvement for him in a professional forum as he gave himself a C average.

#“This is the first tournament that I played in for a year and so believe it or not, the rust is knocked off,” he said. “I’m ready for the next one.”

#“My preparation now, since the Bahamas Professional Golf Association is in play, we are going to be doing some more stuff. My preparation is mental and my playing capacity is now going to be enhanced because I now know we have more things to do in the association.”

#Glenn Pratt, the executive director of the BPGA, said under normal circumstances, he would not have participated because he wasn’t ready to play. “But because of what we are trying to do in the association, I would suffer the humiliation and the pain and the agony,” said Pratt, who has been working behind the scenes trying to get the BPGA re-established.

#“It’s not every day you can get up and play with the type of numbers that people say in the newspaper because they don’t reflect the type of golfer that I am or any of us because we don’t play enough. We don’t have any places to play.”

#For Cox, it’s the first time playing in and completing a four-day tournament, so he has something to base his future on.

#“I hit some good shots out there,” he said. “It just took some adjustments playing in the wind and adjusting to the greens. Hopefully when I play in some more tournaments, I will get some better results.”

#Cox, however, commended Maycock for setting the pace and maintaining his position as he putted and improved his game each day.

#Lewis said the whole idea was for the BPGA to honour Bowe because he was a “true gentleman” of the sport whom they considered to be their golf hero as Arnold Palmer is to the United States of America.

#“Everybody needs to know Mr Bowe as the true hero of professional golf in the Bahamas,” Lewis said. “This is our king of golf.”

#One year after he became the Bahamas’ first professional golfer in 1967, Bowe founded the BPGA in 1968. Bowe, who was also an outstanding sloop sailor, died on November 1, 2012 at the age of 78.

#Bowe Wallace- Whitfield, who was accompanied by her husband Joey and their daughter Sasha Wallace- Whitfield, said they are elated that the BPGA is honouring her father and that was why they sponsored the trophy.

#“It’s wonderful. It’s long overdue. I’m just happy and thankful to Glenn Pratt, who has really put this together,” said Bowe Wallace-Whitfield, a former national swimmer.

#“He’s always been there through the golfing days with my dad, so it’s a passion of his, so we love that. We want to see this continue every year.”

#Pratt said in addition to hosting the championship this year, they will build a Roy Bowe Hall of Fame for professional golfers and they will lobby for his portrait to be displayed on the Wall of Fame in the Lynden Pindling International Airport along with all of the other national heroes.

#Lewis expressed his gratitude, on behalf of the BPGA, to the Ocean Club, for allowing them to stage the tournament there this week.

#But he said the BPGA will now put its emphasis on trying to get more of its members employed with the more than 10 golf properties in the Bahamas, as outlined in the constitution that Bowe established when he formed the organisation.

Maycock Leads The Pack

VETERAN golfer Greg Maycock holds a slim four-stroke lead over nearest rival Keathen Stuart after the first two days of competition in the Bahamas Professional Golf Association (BPGA) 2020 National Championships.
Photo: Donavan Mcintosh

VETERAN golfer Greg Maycock holds a slim four-stroke lead over nearest rival Keathen Stuart after the first two days of competition in the Bahamas Professional Golf Association (BPGA) 2020 National Championships. Photo: Donavan Mcintosh

Wednesday, December 2, 2020


#Senior Sports Reporter


#With two consistent rounds of two-over-par 74s, veteran Greg Maycock holds a slim four-stroke lead over his nearest rival Keathen Stuart after the first two days of competition in the Bahamas Professional Golf Association (BPGA) 2020 National Championships.

#Despite the increase with the wind on the Ocean Club Golf Course on Paradise Island yesterday, Maycock was able to match his performance from day one on Monday to stage out front with a total of 148.

#Playing in the threesome with Maycock, Stuart matched his own four-over-par with a pair of 76s for his two-day total of 152. Marcus Pratt, the only member of the group, is in third with 80-78-158.

#Only three other players are participating in the tournament that will continue today and wrap up on Thursday. They all played in the other threesome.

#Chris Lewis, president of the BPGA, leads that crew with 82-90-162, followed by Glenn Pratt with 89-82- 171 and Matthew Cox, the youngest member in the field, with 97-88-185.

#Looking at his consistency over the first two days of competition, Maycock attributed it to his driver.

#“My driver has allowed me to hit the majority of the greens,” he said. “Yesterday (Monday), I hit too many, but I was right on target today.”

#And as the tournament goes into its final half, Maycock said as long as he can endure the weather, he should be able to hold onto his lead. Not letting him get out of sight or reach, Stuart admitted that he will have to capitalise on the few mistakes he made over the first two days, missing a put here and there. “Each day I messed up on one hole,” he said. “I triple bogeyed 17, so it’s pretty strong with just one hole messed up. I just have to continue to do my best and 17 won’t get me again.”

#Based on the conditions, Pratt said he can’t complain about his performance.

#“We’ve not been playing any major golf on any major golf course at the professional level in the Bahamas at all, so I consider my game in grand standings,” he stated.

#“The next two days, the only thing I need to work on out here is my putting. I didn’t make too much mistakes today, but it was really a putting struggle because I wasn’t used to the greens.”

#Lewis, in from Grand Bahama, admitted that he’s not playing as well as he anticipated, but he’s just glad that they have a tournament to get things back on track for the professionals. “So far, I’m just scrapping by, not playing that well. I have too many loop holes out there on the golf course,” Lewis said. “Today, I shot an 80, but I made a quadruple bogey, a triple bogey and a double bogey. That was my whole day summed up in three holes.”

#The Grand Bahama resident said although the field was quite small, the competition is still there. “We have some people just going back to work, so we didn’t expect a huge number. As a matter of fact, in professional golf, we don’t have that many numbers to begin with,” he stated.

#“We probably were missing about three or four guys, but you have to take the first step in order to start rebuilding.”

#For Glenn Pratt, it’s all about getting readjusted to playing golf again. “I expect to improve every day and I’ve done that for the first two days,” he said. “I haven’t done anything outstanding because this is like only the second time that I’ve played for the year.

#“It’s important that we continue playing and keeping the association alive, so I’m definitely going to do whatever I can to keep it alive.”

#He noted that Maycock has set the pace for them so far in the tournament, but they’re missing players like Keno Turnquest, who is nursing an injury.

#“We have to struggle around that and hope that we can manage more golf courses so that we can get to play more regularly,” he said.

#“Until then, it’s going to be a struggle for us. We need to be employed and have access to improve our game by playing more tournaments.”

#For Cox, he’s just glad to be participating in the tournament. “My game isn’t up to my standard, but I’m still enjoying the experience, enjoying the competition,” Cox said.

#“The golf course is providing a good test for everybody, so hopefully I can put in two good rounds and finish strong.”

#The former junior national team player said he hopes that more tournaments will follow to improve his game.

#“I don’t focus on how many persons are in the tournament, just on who has the lowest score,” he said. “So that is my target because I try to surpass what they are doing.”

#The players will all have two more days to improve their scores.