BBKD stages its first karate and kickboxing tournament

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The Bahamas Bassai Karate-Dojo (BBKD), in conjunction with the Society of Shotokan Stylists, held its first Bahamas Karate and Kickboxing Tournament a recently at the Anatol Rodgers High School Gymnasium. The event, which was sanctioned by the Bahamas Martial Arts Federation, was hosted by Renshi Shawn Smith Sr.

Over 140 competitors from 12 local karate and kickboxing schools took part in the event, which drew a crowd to the gymnasium. From all reports, the crowd was thrilled with the exciting performances. The event is a part of the federation’s national championships circuit, and was open to all styles.

The hierarchy of Bahamian martial arts was out in full attendance at the one-day show and five of them were honored at the event. They were Shihan Brian Beckford, Shihan Eldridge McKinney, Sifu Leonard Major, Professor Alfred Rolle and Grand Master Alex Penn.

Some of the greatest moments of the show took place during the black belt fights and continuous fighting and 

kickboxing events.

“Karate is here and we are doing big things,” said Renshi Smith, instructor of the Society of Shotokan Stylists Karate School. “We are looking forward to more events in the future.”

Led by Coach Shawn Smith Jr., the Spartans Fighting Academy was out in full force. All of the patrons expressed pleasure in the organization of the event, and it was agreed that the tournament has set the bar high for the staging of future local martial arts events.

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