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 The 9th Denykco Bowles Elite Skills Basketball Camp staged a media day for its campers at the Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium yesterday. Shown is Director of Sports in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Timothy Munnings speaking with some of the campers. PARISH GUILLAUME

Being a professional basketball player is more than just playing basketball on a court… it also includes being accommodating to the media, sometimes before and after a game. At the 9th Denykco Bowles Elite Skills Basketball Camp, Camp Director Denykco Bowles ensured that the campers knew how to address the media in the future.

The camp, which is being held at the Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium, accommodated media personnel with the likes of Marcellus Hall, Renaldo Dorsett, Felicity Darville and yours truly who addressed the campers yesterday. Bowles spoke about why he decided to have members of the media come in and speak to the campers. Also present at the camp yesterday was Director of Sports in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Timothy Munnings.

“Media day is needed for our kids, especially when it comes to public speaking and interviews. We want to teach them the importance on things they need to do and things that they should not do when it comes to interviewing whether it be on the job or not,” Bowles said. “We just want to allow them to be comfortable and make a good impression of themselves. It is about marketing yourself. Once these kids exude that confidence in public, I think it is something that they will use to build themselves, not only as student-athletes, but in character-building as well.”

The media personnel introduced themselves and spoke to the campers before they were broken up into groups for more in-depth instructions about what to do and what not to do when they are being interviewed. At the end of the session, campers were randomly selected for a mock interview.

In its ninth year, Bowles said that the camp has been going well.

“A lot of the kids are excited,” Bowles said. “This is our first year being back after COVID. Everyone was excited to come out and they wanted to learn a sport. Some of the kids came out for the first time who never touched a basketball in their life. We are definitely thankful that we are here. This year has been extremely good for us.”

For 11-year-old Carsyn Smith, he said he was happy to learn about addressing the media.

“I learned how to be confident in interviews, not to have bad energy while talking. I learned to look up and into the interviewer’s eyes. I am very happy I learned that so when I grow up and I get actual interviews, I can know what to say,” Smith said.

Some of the campers wore their favorite player’s jersey yesterday. One of them wore Bahamian basketball player Kai Jones’ jersey, a forward with the Charlotte Hornets. Bowles said Jones came to his camp in the first week to share some knowledge and love to the campers.

The camp ends on Wednesday July 20.

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