: SAC in the lead after Day 2 of National High School Track & Field Championships

FAST TRACK: St Augustine’s College Big Red Machine’s Amari Pratt and Queen’s College Comets’ Nia Richards battle it out in the finals of the under 20 girls’ 100 metre dash. 
Photo: Austin Fernander/Tribune Staff

FAST TRACK: St Augustine’s College Big Red Machine’s Amari Pratt and Queen’s College Comets’ Nia Richards battle it out in the finals of the under 20 girls’ 100 metre dash. Photo: Austin Fernander/Tribune Staff

As of Monday, March 27, 2023


#Day two of the combined CARIFTA Trials and National High School Championships wraps up day 2 with St. Augustine’s College in first place. The Big Red Machine leads all schools with a total of 377 points.

#The Queen’s College Comets remain in second position with 317. St. John’s College follows them both with a combined team score of 129.


#Day two of three featured fewer finals than day one as athletes looked to qualify for the finals on day three of the combined event.

#In more CARIFTA qualifying action, yesterday’s under 17 boys’ high jump was an exciting one.

#A total of five athletes beat the CARIFTA qualifying mark of 1.85m. Joshua Williams brought home the victory for Tabernacle Baptist Academy with a jump of 1.93m.


#Queen’s College Comets’ Kenny Moxey notched a jump of 1.89m. St. Georges’ Erris Pratt and Kingsway’s Kenyon Johnson both accomplished the same feat to qualify for April’s 50th CARIFTA Games. SAC’s Demian Brice also joined the fray with a jump of 1.87m to qualify for April’s event. In the under 17 girls long jump, Jamiah Nabbie was victorious. Saturday’s under 17 girls 100m CARIFTA qualifier made her mark once again but this time on the field. Nabbie jumped 5.59m, passing the qualifying mark of 5.46m while also shattering Daejha Moss’ 2014 national high school record of 5.44m.

#In yesterday’s track action, Shimar Bain blitzed the competition in the under 20 boys 400m hurdles. Bain finished with 53.25 in the race to beat the CARIFTA qualifying mark 54.43. Bain was joined by The Big Red Machine’s Clinton Laguerre who clocked 54.19 in the race.

#Bain talked about how it felt to qualify for the country’s 50th CARIFTA Games. “It feels good, it was my expectation to win and also qualify for CARIFTA, seeing that it’s my last year and its at home,” Bain said.

#Bain said despite hurdles being the hardest race in track, he went through the race with the mindset of keeping calm, clearing the hurdles, being aggressive in attacking them and walking through the line.

#Laguerre, who also qualified for CARIFTA on day two of the trials and national high school championships, talked about his strategy in the race.

#Laguerre said although he expected a faster time, he saw his opponent pass him but decided to remain focused, knowing that he had another stretch to go. He added that despite qualifying earlier in the season, he still wanted to double down to ensure that he was on the CARIFTA team.


#Laguerre will look to put on a show with his teammates in the under 20 boys 4x400m relay finals today.

#The Big Red Machine saw more of its athletes qualify for CARIFTA in the under 17 girls and boys 400m hurdles. Darvinique Dean blew past the competition as she brought home a first place victory with a time of 1:01.84. Although she already qualified for April’s event on Saturday, the athlete beat the qualifying mark of 1:09.86 in this race as well. She was joined by fellow teammate Bayli Major who also qualified with a time of 1:02.13.

#Additionally, St.John’s Ta’mia Taylor joined her competitors as she beat the qualifying mark with 1:06.69.

#For the boys, SAC’s Quinton Rolle bested the CARIFTA qualifying time of 56.31 after clocking 56.23 in the race. He was followed by St. John’s Zion Davis who came second with 56.90. Third place finish belonged to C.R. Walker’s Christian Pierre who ran a time of 59.67.

#In the girls’ 3000 metres open run, Sunland Baptist’s Akaya Lightbourne placed first with a time of 11:18.52. She bested Lunnise Gibson’s 2015 NHS record of 11:44.51.

#She was followed by St. Andrews’ Grace Farrington who placed second. Kingsway’s Tellica Seymour came in third with 12.44.23.

#Lightbourne said it felt good to win and she gave credit to her coach’s strategy which was to make 1.40 or 1.30 every lap.

#She added that she kept on pace with that time and decided to pick it up every lap.

#Day two wrapped up with the girls 800m run open heptathlon and the boys 1500m run open octathlon.


#Kaily Pratt, winner of the girls 800m open run, emerged victorious in the long distance race with 2:45.08. The Big Red Machine’s Trinity Pennerman ran a time of 2:45.74. They were followed by Lashae Smith who came in third.

#In the men’s long distance action, CR Walker’s Kyle Bain brought home another first place victory. Bain notched 4:48.47 in his eighth event in a two-day time span. He was followed by second place finisher Rayheem Robinson of C.C. Sweeting. Third place finish belonged to C.R. Walker’s Reanno Todd.

#Kyle Bain talked about how it felt to finally complete the octathlon. “It feels amazing to finish it now obviously but throughout the two days it was hard,” Bain said.

#Despite being tired he credited being mentally strong and his will to earn points in the event for his first place finishes in the last two races.

#In this past weekend’s CARIFTA Trials and National High school Championships action, the CARIFTA qualifiers are:

#CARIFTA Qualifiers

#Darvinique Dean, Keyezra Thomas, Jamiah Nabbie, Shayann Demeritte, Ishmael Rolle, Shatalya Dorsett, Amari Pratt, Akaya Lightbourne, Carlos Brown, Adam Musgrove, Zion Campbell, Tylah Pratt, Alexand Komolafe, Lanaisha Lubin, Apryl Adderley and Calea Jackson.

#The final day of the three day meet will feature highly anticipated relay finals action. This morning’s session begins at 9am.

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