Bahamas Bassai Karate-Dojo to host its first championship on June 25 at Anatol Rodgers

As of Friday, June 17, 2022

#THE Bahamas Bassai Karate-Dojo (BBKD) is scheduled to host its first Bahamas Karate Championship at 10am on Saturday, June 25 at the Anatol Rodgers High School Gymnasium.

#Under the Society of Shotokan Stylist, the event will be opened to all styles of martial arts and will be a part of the National Championships circuit, sanctioned by the Bahamas Martial Arts Federation.

#Tickets are priced at $3 for children 5-12 years old and $5 for adults ages 13-and-over. Doors open at 9:30am.

#The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, headed by Minister Mario Bowleg, is expected to be represented.

#Unfortunately, Bowleg is not expected to be available as he is scheduled to be in Florida for the Bahamian Heritage Night for Miami Marlins Jasrado ‘Jazz’ Chisholm.

#BBKD, according to sensei Dr Shawn Smith, is a karate school that caters to predominantly inner-city kids, some of which are residents of homes for boys.

#“We teach karate using the methods of physical exercise and flexibility drills, we teach students how to release negative energy with positive affirmations of oneself, to only speak that which is edifying and uplifting, targeting physical frustrations on punching bags and not another person,” Smith said. “The BBKD is actively involved in the holistic makeup of our students, homework must be completed in order to participate in class, and this is done by constant communication with parents/ guardians and teachers. It is our goal to produce productive, well-mannered citizens of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.”

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