Bahamas Flag Football League preseason opens this Sunday

As of Thursday, March 2, 2023

#THE public is invited to come to the Thomas A Robinson’s multipurpose fields in New Providence and experience the exciting Bahamas Flag Football League’s exhilarating, heart-pounding and suspenseful preseason, regular season, playoffs and championship games.

#Everyone is invited to attend the BFFL’s pre-season games, starting at 1pm on Sunday, and immerse themselves in the BFFL experience. League regular season games will be stacked with the best flag football players and coaches in the region, all locked in fierce competition every week.

#Rivalries and pride are at stake on every play, in every game and on every week as both men and women players battle it out for Bahamian football supremacy.

#The BFFL allows for semi contact as both offensive and defensive linemen engage in hand-to-hand combat in the trenches.

#On every action-packed play, the offensive linemen build a human wall to stop the defence and the defensive linemen surging through the wall to blow up the play. Both offensive and defensive linemen work nonstop in their craft and it is exhibited in an incredible display of force, strength, technique, agility and coordination.

#The BFFL has a 9v9 Men’s Division and an 8v8 Women’s Division. The men’s division features a 9-player vs 9-player format and the women’s division features an 8-player vs 8-player format.

#All league games are officiated by experienced and competent referees to ensure there is fair play for all players.

#The BFFL has been the premier sports organisation for flag football in the Bahamas for over a decade.

#It continues to enjoy both strong and widespread support from its many fans and corporate sponsors across the Bahamian archipelago.

#The BFFL has risen from humble beginnings to becoming now a staple of Bahamian sports culture.

#It is now not uncommon for teams to train year-round in preparation for the BFFL season.

#In addition to the BFFL season, the league also hosts its annual international tournament in October.

#This tournament, called the Heroes Tournament, is being held this year from October 7-8.

#In the BFFL Heroes Tournament, there is a significant participation of Bahamian teams outside of New Providence and teams from other Caribbean countries.

#“I’m excited for the upcoming season because not only does it provide new challenges but also gives my team and I the goal of trying to remain champions of the league,” said McCallton Demeritte, wide receiver for the Caro Contractors Avengers. “I’m approaching every game differently but my focus is one game at a time.

#“This is a revenge tour. We feel we got cheated in the championship game last season. We are out for blood.”

#Travis Thompson, head coach of the EDLC Lions, said they are excited.

#“We have been training all year. This season is just another practice for us and it is all for our coach watching us from above, the late Philip Rahming,” Thompson said. “We got a three-peat for our former coach Philip Rahming and now we are going for a four-peat which has never been done in the league before.”

#Jayde Knowles, defensive captain linebacker of the Paradise Games Wildcats, said they have “one goal in mind, championship.”

#Edward Campbell, head coach of the Oasis Bahamas Hit Men, said they can’t wait to get started.

#“The entire football experience of touchdown celebrations, come-from-behind wins, heartbreaking defeats and passionate play from football players who bring it each and every down is on display every week in every BFFL game,” Campbell said.

#“If you’re passionate about football, then the BFFL is the league for you. Become a part of the BFFL experience and take your football to the next level.”

#For more information visit the Facebook: Bahamas Flag Football League and Instagram: @bffl242.

#Here’s a look at the pre-season schedule for Sunday:

#1:10pm – Avengers

#vs Hornets

#2:20pm – Phoenix Fire

#vs Lady Jaguars

#2:20pm – Team Red Dot

#vs Lions

#3:30pm – Avengers

#vs Assassins

#3:30pm – Hawks

#vs Wildcats

#4:40pm – Hornets

#vs Predators

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