Bahamas Goombay Punch supports the St Valentine’s Day Regatta

As of Friday, February 17, 2023

#OVER the weekend of love the Caribbean Bottling Company (CBC) is pleased to partner with the St Valentine’s Day Regatta at Fort Montagu.

#The team will be on site both days supporting the regatta through samplings, games and a chance to win prizes.

#CBC recently launched The Bahamas Goombay Punch Cup at the Best of the Best Regatta in December 2022.

#The competition is open to all A-Class vessels, the winner of which will be determined by cumulative points totalled from three major regatta events (Best of the Best, National Family Island and Long Island Regatta).

#The victor will be announced upon the completion of the Long Island Regatta in Junethis year and will receive a $5,000 cash prize, a $8,000 stipend towards advancing the sport for their island’s junior sailing club, and exclusive congratulatory Goombay cans from September until January 2024.

#“Bahamas Goombay Punch is a Coca-Cola Bahamas heritage brand. The face on the can is tremendously popular across The Bahamas and is synonymous with our Nation,” said CBC brand manager, Karla Wells-Lisgaris.

#“As we move towards our 50th Independence, we’re thrilled to celebrate all things Bahamian and felt Goombay was the ideal brand to partner with Bahamian regatta sailing.”

#The organising committee of the regatta has expressed their thanks for the continued support of CBC in their efforts to keep the regatta culture alive not only in New Providence but across the Bahamas.

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