Bahamas Hope Challenge returns in March

As of Thursday, January 26, 2023

#BAHAMAS Hope Challenge (BHC) returns to Eleuthera from 10 to 12 March for its annual fundraiser with the goal of adding to the more than $4 million it has raised toward fighting cancer in The Bahamas over the past 17 years.

#When it was formed in 2006, BHC set out on a mission to raise hope and resources to help Bahamians in their fight against cancer.

#The organisation enlists ordinary people from all walks of life to make this happen. Each spring, benefactors gather on the beautiful island of Eleuthera to cycle, run, or walk distances of their own choosing. At the same time, they raise funds from friends and family for the cause.

#Eleuthera’s Queen’s Highway, with its rolling elevations and breathtaking vistas to the sea, lends itself perfectly to the event. More than 4,200 participants have traversed the highway as part of BHC to add to the funds raised.

#“Every year, every dollar they raise goes to programmes,” said Susan Larson, BHC’s executive director. “BHC is very proud of this charitable gold standard it has maintained.

#“Participating in the annual Bahamas Hope Challenge is a meaningful way to make travel matter. Participation provides travelers with the opportunity to visit Eleuthera – a stunning destination in its own right – while also offering the opportunity to make a real contribution to The Bahamas, to Bahamians fighting cancer.”

#Larson said more travelers want to make contributions to the places they visit, as pointed out by publications quoting Merrill Lynch wealth managers and Pauline Frommer of Frommer’s Travel Guides. She added that Frommer revealed that many travelers want to leave a destination better off than they met it.

#“There are many ways to do this, but certainly, none is as compelling as helping to save lives,” Larson said.

#Individuals or groups interested in participating in BHC should visit and follow the registration process.

#Members of teams do not have to participate in the same way. One or some of them may run while others cycle or walk. There is a fundraising minimum of $500 per person. The minimum also applies to all individuals on teams.

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