Basketball results

As of Tuesday, January 17, 2023

#BASKETBALL results for Monday, January 16. Games were played at The Hope Center on University Commons.

#Mini Division

#jordan Prince William 19 def Temple Christian School 6

#Labron Taylor no. 2 of Prince William had eight (8) points in the win.

#Lyndon Nicolus no. 23 of Temple had six (6) points in the loss.

#Primary Boys

#Jordan Prince William 16 def Teleos Christian School 1

#Alanno Hepburn no. 3 of Prince Wiliam had thirteen (13) points in the win

#William Pierre no. 14 of Teleos had one (1) point in the loss.

#Junior Boys

#International School of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology ISBET 25 def Freedom Baptist Academy A 23

#Paidyn Taylor no. 00 of ISBET had fourteen (14) points in the win

#McKinley Lucin no. 24 of Freedom A had eight (8) points in the loss.

#Teleos Christian School 39 def Akhepran International Academy 14

#Javon Sweeting no. 0 and Andrew Bethel no. 3 combined to lead Teleos with eight (8) points each in the win.

#Adisa Eneas no 9 of Akhepran had seven (7) points in the loss.

#Senior Boys

#Akhepran International Academy 43 def New Horizon Christian Academy 21

#Baron Coleby no. 20 of Akhepran had eleven (11) points in the win.

#Adam Albury no. 3 of New Horizon had seven (7) points in the loss.


#PB – Kingsway Academy vs Jordan Prince William

#JB – Greenville Preparatory Academy vs Freedom Baptist Academy A

#JB – Akhepran International Academy vs Genesis Academy

#SB – Akhepran International Academy vs Mt Carmel Preparatory Academy

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