CARIFTA GAMES: Day three – as it happened

As of Tuesday, April 11, 2023

#8.17pm: In the final race of the games, the 4 x 400m U-20 Boys final, Jamaica wins gold (3:07.68), Trinidad & Tobago the silver (3:09.97) and Grenada comes in third for the bronze (3:10.59). The Bahamas finished in fourth with 3:12.96.

#8.02pm: BRONZE MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: The Bahamas wins bronze in the 4 x 400m U-20 Girls final in 3:47.68. Jamaica takes the gold with 3:33.35 and Trinidad & Tobago won silver with 3:44.19.

#7.44pm: SILVER MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: The Bahamas lands the silver in the 4 x 400m U-17 Boys final with 3:20.17. Jamaica wins gold with 3:19.04 and Trinidad & Tobago bronze with 3:23.74.

#7.36pm: BRONZE MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: The Bahamas has won the bronze in the 4 x 400m U-17 Girls Final with a time of 3:51.60. Jamaica took the gold with 3:43.44 and Barbados the silver with 3:50.49.

#6.41pm: BRONZE MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: Adam Musgrove takes bronze in the 200m U-20 Boys Final with 20.96. Jamaica’s Malique Smith-Band won gold with 20.69, Javourne Dunkley (JAM) got the silver with 20.88.

#6.29pm: BRONZE MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: In a dramatic 200m U-20 Girls Final which saw two false starts, Amari Pratt won the bronze with 24.17. Sanaa Frederick (TTO) took gold with 23.60 and Kenyatta Grate (IVB) won silver with 24.11.

#6.15pm: GOLD AND BRONZE MEDALS FOR THE BAHAMAS: Cayden Smith wins gold in the 200m U-17 Boys Final with a time of 21.70, his teammate Andrew Brown takes the bronze with 22.03. Ethan Sam (GRN) won silver with 21.96.


#6.07pm: GOLD MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: Jamiah Nabbie lands her second gold of these games by winning the 200m U-17 Girls Final in a time of 23.67. Naomi London (LCA) took silver with 23.72 and Natrece East (JAM) won bronze with 23.85.

#5.22pm: In the 800m U-20 Girls Final, The Bahamas missed out on the medals with Jasmine Mackey and Treasure Burrows finishing fifth and sixth respectively. Michelle Smith of US Virgin Islands won the gold with 2:09.71, Layla Haynes (BAR) silver with 2:11.90 and Victoria Guerrier (HAI) bronze with 2:11.99.

#5.15pm: The Bahamas’ Tyrone Conliffe missed out on a medal place in the 800m U-17 Boys Final, with Javon Roberts of Guyana winning gold, Delano Todd (JAM) taking silver and Brandon Leacock (TTO) winning bronze.

#4.51pm: Results from the 800m U-17 Girls Final – Alikay Reynolds of Jamaica won the gold with 2:14.67, Ashlyn Simmons (BAR) took silver with 2:16.28 and Chanecia Bryan (BAR) won the bronze with 2:16.81. Erin Barr and Akaree Roberts finished fifth and sixth with 2:21.50 and 2:21.95 respectively.


Silver medal winner Otto Laing. Photo: Moise Amisial

#4.15pm: SILVER MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: Otto Laing wins the silver in the 110m Hurdles U-20 Boys Final. Jamaica’s Demario Prince took the gold with 13.37 and Shaquane Gordon (JAM) won bronze with 13.54. Trayshaun Robinson of The Bahamas came fifth with 14.05.


#3.59pm: BRONZE MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: Quinton Rolle wins the bronze with 14.49 in the 110m Hurdles U-17 Boys Final. Jamaica’s Kahiem Carby took gold with 13.49 with his teammate, Shakir Lewis, winning the silver with 14.20. Kenny Moxey Jr of The Bahamas came fourth in 14.58.

#3.46pm: Gold and silver for Jamaica again – this time in the 100m Hurdles U-20 Girls Final. Alexis James takes gold with 13.06, Asharria Ulette the silver with 13.24 and Nya Browne (BAR) the bronze with 13.80.

#3.39pm: Jamaica’s Bryana Davidson wins gold in the 100m Hurdles U-17 Girls Final with 13.31. Camoy Binger (JAM) takes silver with 13.51 and Zsa Zsa Frans (CUW) lands the bronze with 14.26.

#3.32pm: After an extended break due to the rain, the events are about to restart.


Apryl Adderley


Lanaisha Lubin

#12.07pm: U20 Girls Long Jump Final results. Gianna Paul of Trinidad and Tobago took the gold with 5.80m. Berchecycke Sherellethy (VAN) won silver, and Lynn Antoine (TTO) took the bronze. The Bahamas’ Apryl Adderley and Lanaisha Lubin were fifth and eighth respectively.

#12.00pm: GOLD AND SILVER MEDALS FOR THE BAHAMAS: Kamera Strachan has won gold in the Javelin Throw U-17 Girls Final with 46.07m on her second attempt – a CARIFTA record. Her teammate Dior-Rae Scott took the silver with 45.13. Naya Jules (LCA) won bronze with 42.92m.

#10.48am: The 4x100m U-20 Boys final is scheduled to be rerun this afternoon after a protest was lodged about last night’s race. The Bahamas had finished in second place.

#9.49am: Otto Laing of The Bahamas will also compete in the 110m Hurdles U-20 Boys final. He finishes second with 13.89 in the second semi final. Shaquane Gordon of Jamaica is first with 13.72 and Nikkolia Kennedy (BAR) was in third place with 14.27.

#9.43am: Trayshaun Robinson of The Bahamas goes into the final of the 110m Hurdles U-20 Boys. He finishes second in his semi final with 14.11 behind Demario Prince of Jamaica with 13.78 and ahead of Jadon Pearce (BAR) with 14.41.


#9.30am: Madison Moss of The Bahamas misses out on a final place in the 100m Hurdles U-17 Girls. She finishes seventh in semi final 1 with 15.45. Bryana Davidson of Jamaica is first with 13.68, Alika Harewood (BAR) is second with 14.31 and Kewes Gomes (TTO) is third with 14.58.

#9.25am: The 100m Hurdles U-17 Girls Semi-Finals is about to get underway.

#9.05am: The third and final day of the CARIFTA Games is now underway at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium with the Javelin Throw U-17 Girls Final taking place.

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