Centro Basket: Under-15 Boys Getting Ready To Travel

As of Wednesday, May 25, 2022


#Senior Sports Reporter


#QUINTON ‘Three Ounce’ Hall said it has been difficult getting a chance to view all of the potential players for the Bahamas Basketball Federation’s Under- 15 boys’ team that will represent the country at the Centro Basket Tournament.

#The team will be heading to Girabola, Puerto Rico, for the tournament June 16-23 and once again, Hall is aiming for another qualifying performance for the Tournament of Americas. “Next week during the Labour Day weekend, we expect to have all of the players to come together for the trials,” Hall said. “This will be the last chance for us to make our team selection, except for one or two kids in the United States, who are still in school.”

#Hall is expected to make the trip with his coaching staff that includes Kevin Clarke, Denykco Bowles. Stephen ‘S’ Brown is the head of delegation. Delva Francis will be the team manager and George Burrows will serve as the team’s medical personnel.

#He said he’s hoping that the practice sessions that the players were engaged in from January with their respective coaches will help them out tremendously because the national team has not had sufficient time to get the players assembled at the same time. “It’s a difficult time for island to island to get together,” he said. “We know that a lot of basketball was played, and a lot of teams have been traveling. “So, we are hoping that over the Labour Day holiday weekend, we can get this team together and we can come up with a 24-man roster to work with before we make the final team to travel.”

#Hall said it will be difficult to get all the top players together as some maybe competing in two tournaments being planned by Bowleg and Kevin ‘KJ’ Johnson respectively.

#“We’re still working on whether the players will come to Nassau, or they come here to Freeport, and we work on some scrimmages to see what they look like,” Hall said.

#“But I know for sure that by the end of the Labour Day weekend, we should have an idea of what the team looks like. That will only give us a few days after that to select the final team.

#“So, we are hoping that everything will work out over the Labour Day weekend.”

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