First annual Cocodimama Basketball Camp starts today in James Cistern

As of Friday, August 26, 2022

#THE Eleuthera Amateur Basketball Association and the Cocodimama Charming Resort have joined forces to establish the first annual Cocodimama Basketball Camp.

#The two-day camp will take place at the Eleuthera Bible Training Center in James Cistern today and Saturday August 27 and will run from 4:30pm to 7pm daily.

#Cocodimama will be teaming up with coach Kevin Clark and fellow coaches from Tabernacle Christian Academy in Freeport to run the two-day camp in partnership with coach Andrew Johnson (Harbour Island), coach Tanya Lord (Lower Bogue) and coach Laron Taylor (Governor’s Harbour to South Eleuthera).

#The camps featured guest will be Romad Dean from the Fordham University men’s basketball team and former student athlete of the Tabernacle Christian Academy of Freeport, Bahamas.

#The goal of the camp is to create opportunities for student athletes in Eleuthera, who demonstrate the talent, discipline and hard work ethic that sets them apart from their peers.

#This past winter Cocodimama teamed up with Norris Bain and Kevin Clark of the Tabernacle Christian Academy in Freeport to create a sponsorship for a student athlete out of Governor’s Harbour by the name of Kayden Bowles.

#Kayden enrolled at Tabernacle for the 2022 winter/ spring semester and joined the basketball team, where he not only excelled on the court but in the classroom as well.

#“We see the camp as a platform for coaches to demonstrate how they assist young men in their maturity as students and players.

#“We look forward to the annual event as a means to create more opportunities for young players just has it has for Kayden.

#“With the full endorsement and support of the president of the Eleuthera Amateur Basketball Association – Derek Smith, Cocodimama looks forward to building something together in partnership with Eleuthera’s youth leaders that can grow and prosper for the kids and community.

#“And we thank all of the coaches, who’ve agreed to contribute their time, players and expertise to make the camp a success.”

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