Foster Dorsett seeks BAAA first vice president position

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 Foster Dorsett.

Foster Dorsett, former athlete and current head coach of the T-Bird Flyers Track and Field Club, has offered himself up as a candidate for the first vice president position in the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ (BAAA) upcoming elections.

The hard-working administrator has a vast amount of experience in the field of technical and vocational education. He held the posts of senior education officer and acting assistant director for the technical and vocational branch of the Ministry of Education. He was born on the island of Exuma and his background has proven that not he is not only people-oriented, but his expertise is such that it makes him qualified to serve as an executive team member.

He has also served as president and vice president of the BAAA. In the role of vice president, for many years he held the board’s “feet to the fire” and ensured they followed the federation’s written constitution. As a candidate for first vice president, he is appealing for his fellow coaches and clubs’ support in order that he can continue to ensure the goals and objectives of the BAAA are paramount.

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