Greg Burrows Sr ‘will continue’ as head of Babe Ruth Caribbean

As of Tuesday, August 15, 2023


#Senior Sports Reporter

#DESPITE being issued what they called a “punitive and severe” five-year suspension from the Bahamas Baseball Association, the Babe Ruth League has decided to retain Greg Burrows Sr’s service as Caribbean commissioner as he continues to seek to grow the game in the region.

#Babe Ruth League Inc. issued the letter yesterday to Prime Minister Philip Davis and copied it to Samuel Rodgers, president of the BBA. The letter was signed by Robert Faherty, senior vice president commissioner and Michael Solanik, commissioner.

#In its letter, the Babe Ruth League said it’s aware of the action taken by the BBA in suspending Burrows Sr for five years and his son, Greg Burrows Jr, for 15 years for their role they played against visiting home plate umpire Edaine Cannister from Curacao during a placement game in the under-18 division between the Bahamas and Puerto Rico at the Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium in July.

#Burrows Sr, as the organiser of the tournament, intervened with two committee members, as they approached Cannister on the field to reinsert Burrows Jr as the manager of Team Bahamas after he was ejected for repeatedly protesting Puerto Rico’s pitcher wearing what he considered to be a item that was a distraction under his hat.

#The letter informed all parties concerned that they are firmly in support of Burrows Sr and he will continue in his role as Babe Ruth League Caribbean Commissioner.

#“Babe Ruth League has had a very good working relationship with you, your ministries, and the BBA in which we have all focused on bringing tourism through baseball to your great country,” the letter wrote. “As we discussed a few weeks ago, we hope to continue bringing additional tournaments and opportunities to the Bahamas.”

#Babe Ruth League, however, called the BBA’s action “punitive and severe” for a volunteer who has served the sport and the Bahamas with class for the better part of his life.

#“With his dedication to the sport, many players have graduated from Freedom Farm Babe Ruth League and represented their country either in the MLB or at other internationally recognised events,” Babe Ruth League further wrote.

#“The community benefited from our event through tourism as well as the completion of the Andre Rodgers Stadium and the renovation of the Baillou Hills Complex.”

#When contacted, Burrows Sr again declined any comments. He indicated that his lawyer will be making an official statement on his behalf, but he didn’t say when.

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