GSSSA to celebrate 30 years in grand style

As of Friday, September 9, 2022


#Senior Sports Reporter

#WITH schools back in session, the Government Secondary Schools Sports Association is hoping that they can get their afterschool athletic programme back up and running again as they celebrate their 30th anniversary in grand style.

#The GSSSA, headed by president Varel Davis, held a meeting on Wednesday at CH Reeves Junior High School where they outlined their plans for the upcoming season with the returning and new physical education teachers as well as those who have been shuffled from one school to the next.

#Based on their data, two prominent teachers have retired, including Natasha Huyler from CI Gibson Secondary High and Ricky Moxey from CC Sweeting Secondary High. There has been shifting with Ann Bullard returning from a sting in Harbour Island where she is now stationed at CC Sweeting with Benjamin Lightbourne coming on board to replace Moxey.

#Long-time Mystic Marlins’ basketball coach Denycko Bowles has been transferred from Doris Johnson and will also be at Anatol Rodgers, who also benefits from the transfer of Antonio Saunders back to New Providence as well as having Theodore Hanna in his transfer from Government High School.

#Rashad Patton was moved from HO Nash Junior High to replace Hanna at Government High.

#While they wait to see how these transfers will all play out, Davis, a member of staff at CH Reeves, said the GSSSA is eager to get its season started after being sidelined for the past two years because of COVID-19. “We have been out of action for the past two plus years because of the pandemic, so we are happy to be back,” she said.

#“The kids are excited. They want to get back to playing sports again, so we are hoping we can do that this year. “The last time we played our kids who are in grade nine were in grade seven and those now in grade 12 were in grade 10. So we are hoping that before these children can graduate from their respective schools, they will get the opportunity to compete for their schools.”

#As they get set to resume their sporting programme, Davis said they intend to stage every core sport on their calendar, but they are still debating which one will get started first, whether it’s volleyball or softball and baseball.

#In any event, she indicated that they are leaning towards starting in October.

#“We are very happy to be able to have sports back in our schools,” Davis said. “The Minister of Education Glenys Hanna-Martin indicated to us that she wants to see sports up and running and so we are going to try our best to do it.”

#Davis, however, said there are minor issues that they are trying to get resolved before they can begin playing sports again.

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