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The St. Augustine’s College (SAC) Big Red Machine won the senior girls title at the HOYTES/Geneva Rutherford Girls Basketball Tournament in Freeport, Grand Bahama, knocking off the St. John’s College Giants in the championship game. The Eight Mile Rock Blue Jays won the title in the junior girls division, knocking off the D.W. Davis Royals in the championship game.

Senior Girls Championship

St. Augustine’s College (SAC) Big Red Machine 38, St. John’s College Giants 15

SAC – Antonicia Moultrie – 16 points

St. John’s – Reyannah Greene – 5 points

Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Antonicia Moultrie

Third-place game

C.R. Walker Knights 24, St. George’s High Jaguars 9

Knights – Shenell Stewart – 7 points

Jaguars – Demetria Rolle – 5 points

Junior Girls Championship

Eight Mile Rock Blue Jays 9, D.W. Davis Royals 8

Blue Jays – Skyler Curry – 3 points

Royals – Kenisha Capron – 6 points

Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Skyler Curry


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