Inaugural Fred Sturrup Championships set for September 24

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 Fred Sturrup.

Looking to give long-time boxing administrator Frederick Sturrup his flowers while he is able to enjoy it, the Major Pain Boxing Club will host the inaugural Fred Sturrup Boxing Championships on Saturday September 24 at the National Boxing Gym at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

Former Bahamian boxer Alpachino Allen, one of the organizers of the event, is anticipating a night of good quality fights.

“We are expecting a clash of the best amateurs in the country. In our club (Major Pain Club), we have John Saint Surin who is one of the top heavyweight amateur fighters. Also present at the show will be the Aftershock Boxing Club which has its own amateurs,” Allen stated.

Meacher ‘Major Pain’ Major will be in the ring in an exhibition fight, squaring off against Anthony ‘Psycho’ Woods. Professional boxer Tyrone Oliver taking on retired boxer Quincy ‘The Thriller Man’ Pratt is on the card for that night, also in an exhibition. Also in action that night will be Erin Williams, Aladdin Ellis, Davon Musgrove, Andrew Curtis, Mario Goddard, Christoff Robinson and Maleko Davis.

Sturrup was inducted into The Bahamas’ National Sports Hall of Fame in 2014 for sports journalism. He is currently the chairman of the Bahamas Boxing Commission and a former Bahamas Boxing Federation president and Commonwealth Boxing Council president. The organizers felt the need to show him appreciation for his support of the sport over the years.

“Fred has contributed many years as a sports analyst and he is in the hall of fame for sports journalism,” Allen said. “He has always backed the sport and is still involved in the sport. He put in the work and dedication for the sport of boxing so we wanted to recognize him.”

The organizers are looking to make the event an annual one and also host some smaller shows leading up to the big event. Allen said they want to give the amateurs more opportunities to showcase their skills, and also start a ranking system.

“It feels great to put on a show like this because boxing is a positive sport. It makes the young people participate in something that is positive. They can change their life because of the sport. The boxers are putting in the time and effort so we can get the sport of boxing going,” Allen said.

Allen is hoping that they can be more active in the lives of the boxers, particularly in their education and their progress academically. He is appealing to the Bahamian public to support the boxing event on September 24.

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