‘Jazz’ hits first home run of season

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 Bahamian centerfielder Jasrado ‘Jazz’ Chisholm hit his first home run of the 2023 season on Friday. His Miami Marlins won that game 2-1. AP

It only took him two games, but Bahamian professional baseball player Jasrado “Jazz” Chisholm hit his first home run of the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, to the right upper deck. He did it on Friday against the New York Mets, as his Miami Marlins won that game 2-1 at the LoanDepot Park in Miami, Florida.

The game on Friday was the only game the Marlins won. They lost that series 3-1 as the visitors wrapped them up 5-1 in their final game yesterday .

Chisholm was at the plate and the count was two balls and one strike in the bottom of the eighth inning on Friday. John Curtiss pitched Chisholm a 95 miles per hour fast ball to the left inside the strike zone. The Bahamian sent Curtiss’ ball to the right field, 411 feet away into the right upper deck, to give his team the insurance run they needed. They led 2-0 at that point.

It was Chisholm’s 35th career home run.

The Mets went into the top of the ninth inning down 2-0, but they found a way to put one run on the board – a home run by Pete Alonso. That closed the gap, but the Marlins were able to get two more outs. It gave the Marlins their first win of the season and gave their manager Skip Schumaker his first win as an MLB manager.

The Bahamian now plays in center field and batted at fourth on the lineup. He finished 1-for-4 at-bat.

It is very early in the season, but Chisholm is 2-for-13 at-bat in his first four games, with the hits coming from the home run and a double. He has one run batted in and six strikeouts for a batting average of .154. It is a long season and Chisholm will pick up his batting.

The Marlins lost 5-3 on Thursday. Saturday saw them losing again but this time, 6-2. They return to action today, when they host the Minnesota Twins at 6:40 p.m. They will play a three-game series that wraps up on Wednesday.


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