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 Children showed up in large numbers at the various tennis camps and programs that were staged this summer around the country. BAHAMAS LAWN TENNIS ASSOCIATION

A number of successful tennis programs were held this summer.

There were a number of tennis camps staged at the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s (BLTA) National Tennis Centre (NTC), and around the country, that allowed children to learn tennis in a fun-filled environment. The participants included first-timers and active players.

Forehands, backhands, serves, volleys and overhands were just a few of the skillsets taught. The kids were also taught to work together in teams and to exhibit good sportsmanship.

During camp, there were opportunities to teach life lessons that the campers can carry with them.

“We thank all those who assisted with the NTC camps – Nolan Johnson, Paula Whitfield, Esther Newton, Mateo Smith, Elana Mackey, Donte Armbrister, Anthony Burrows, Marva Conyers and President Newton,” said a representative from the NTC.

Also, Coach Steve Taylor held a tennis summer camp at the NTC. Coach Taylor is consistently impacting the lives of children through tennis.

In addition, Coach Cory Francis held summer sessions at the NTC. Coach Francis’ positive contribution to the sport continues to be felt.

Also, the Abaco Tennis Association (ATA) and Coach Artie Johnson held very successful summer camps in Abaco and Eleuthera, respectively. The ATA welcomed youngsters from ages 7-17 to the courts in Forrest Heights, Abaco, while Coach Johnson organized his camp under the theme ‘Grip and Rip’ at the Knowles Court, in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera.

At the end of the camps in New Providence, and on the islands, there were improvements in the skills of the children. The camps were exciting and will spark the tennis journey of many.

The BLTA congratulates all the organizers, coaches and assistants on a job well done.

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