Launy Duncombe, Kami Roach national triathlon champions

As of Monday, May 8, 2023


#Senior Sports Reporter

#GRAND Bahamian Launy Duncombe and Kami Roach emerged as the male and female champions of the Bahamas Triathlon Association’s National Championships held yesterday at Goodman’s Bay.

#Their performances came a day after the association held its Aquathlon at the same venue on Saturday when Duncombe, brother Malcolm and Lchlan Menzies, Stafford Sweeting and Caiden Bain were all crowned the divisional winners.

#The nationals also served as the trials for the CARIFTA Games, scheduled for August 26-27. Association president Dorian Roach was quite pleased with the performances turned in during the competition. “Launy Duncombe, Malcolm Menzies and Kami Roach all performed well. Launy and Kami are both juniors, so it was good to see how well they performed,” Roach said. “It was also good for the competitors to compete in a new location. It’s the same location where the CARIFTA triathlon will take place. The roads were great for the bike ride and the run. We almost cancelled the swim because the water was so choppy, but we still managed to get it all in. So I was very happy with it.”

#Aquathlon – Saturday

#8-and-under (50m/1K run) – Caiden Bain, 6:29; Alan Gervasini, 7:17; Gebriael McPhee, 7:30.

#9-10 (100m swim/1K run) – Stafford Sweeting, 6:39; Fraser Menzies, 6:40; Lyall Menzies, 6:49.

#11-12 (250m swim/1.5K run) – Lauchlan Menzies, 10:54; Blair Thompson, 11:23; Taylen Nicolls, 11:35.

#13-15 (500m swim/2.5K run) – Malcolm Menzies, 18:05; Ayden Bain, 19:15; Will Farrington, 20:25.

#16-and-over (1000m/5K run) – Launy Duncombe, 36:56; Ellie Gibson, 41:42; Grace Farrington, 41:44.

#Triathlon – Sunday.

#Overall male – Launy Duncombe, Cameron Roach, Simone Bertoldo.

#16-19 male – Barron Musgrove, Enea Gervasini, Jason Cates.

#11-12 male – Lauchlan Menzies, Sibby Potter, Mattis Bournas.

#9-10 male – Fraser Menzies, Stafford Sweeting, Lyall Menzies.

#Overall female – Kami Roach, Suzy Eneas, Sylvia Bateman.

#16-19 female – Sienna Culmer.

#13-15 female – Issa Bournas, Taylor Knowles, Emma Barigelli.

#11-12 female – Nai’a Belton, Tayleen Nicholas, Veranique Strachan.

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