Miller receives two international appointments

As of Wednesday, November 30, 2022




#Senior Sports Reporter

#NEWLY minted National Hall of Famer Wellington Miller continues to be recognised for his leadership role, having been re-appointed to serve on two prestigious international sports boards.

#The immediate past president of both the Bahamas Boxing Federation and the Bahamas Olympic Committee has been asked to serve on the Sports Technical committee for the Centro Caribe Sports for the Central American and Caribbean Games and on the Technical Committee for the Panam Sports Executive Board.

#“I’m just happy to know that the Bahamas’ name is being placed out in the technical world of sports and we have a qualified Bahamian who can sit on these two boards and help to make the decisions to run the technical side of sports,” Miller said. It’s not Miller’s first rodeo with any of the organizations, having served on the coordination committee for the Panam Sports when the 2015 games was held in Toronto, Canada as they organized the games before they turned it over to the technical committee, while he served on the Cento Caribe Sports for the Central American and Caribbean Games in Peru in 2019.

#“I wasn’t surprised when I got the letter informing me of being a part of the Panam Games Committee,” Miller said. “I was informed from the last one that I would be retained for this one, so I expected it.

#“But I was surprised when I got the other invite from the Centro Caribe Sports. I think they were pleased with the work that I did and so they invited me to come back and serve again. I’m very pleased, not just for myself, but for the Bahamas because this will only benefit other Bahamians to be a part of the organizing of these major international games.”

#Miller, ordained as a Deacon at New Covenant Baptist Church in May, was inducted into the Hall of Fame as an administrator during the National Sports month in November after he was invested with the Companion Order of Merit on National Hero’s Day in October.

#The Andros native and a retired Immigration Officer said this bolds well for the Bahamas and eventually it sets the pace to have a Bahamian invited to serve on the Technical Committee for the Olympic Games.

#The Pan American Games, held similar to the Olympic Games every four years, features all 412 nations of the Americas. It also serves as a qualifier for the Olympics. First hosted in 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 19th edition of the Pan Am Games is set for Santiago, Chile from October 20 to November 5, 2023 with 39 different sporting competitions being staged.

#The CAAC Games, which is also a multi-sport regional competition every four years, was first held in 1926 in Mexico City, Mexico. The 254th edition of the games is set for June 23-July 8, 2023 in San Salvador, El Salvador with 37 nations participating in 43 sports. It also serves as qualifier for the Pan Am Games.

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