More sponsors ‘jump on CARIFTA bandwagon’

As of Thursday, March 16, 2023


DAIRY Queen makes their contribution to the LOC.


CORNER Bank makes their contribution.


CONSOLIDATED Water makes their contribution.


JS Johnson makes their contribution to the LOC.


#Senior Sports Reporter

#THE Local Organising Committee for the Oaktree Medical Center’s 50th CARIFTA Games welcomed a few more partners to ensure the ninth hosting of the biggest regional junior track and field competition turns out to be a tremendous success.

#On top of the old war bunker in the parking lot opposite the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, Christine Bethel, the chief executive officer of Corner Bank (Overseas) Limited, Crystal Campbell, chief operating officer of Dairy Queen, Robert Bartlett, senior manager of JS Johnson and Henderson Cash, general manager of Consolidated Water, all made their pitch for their respective companies.

#The joint press conference was held yesterday as the CARIFTA Games, scheduled for April 8-10, draws closer.

#Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations president Drumeco Archer said while they are sitting on a very sacred place, the 50th CARIFTA Games could not be held without the tremendous support of corporate Bahamas. “We believe that we jump on the bandwagon because it’s popular and there’s goodwill in CARIFTA,” Archer said. “And after the event passes, we forget about programmes that bring us to where we are today.”

#Archer, however, said he hopes that corporate Bahamas will continue to follow the BAAA after the games are held and continue to support them in their future endeavours. He thanked the partners for coming on board for the big dance in less than three weeks.

#North American, Central American and Caribbean president Mike Sands said the games have its history and is the bedrock for the foundation for the success that region experiences on the global stage.

#“Every young athlete in the Caribbean aspires to make his or her CARIFTA team,” said Sands, who noted that it could not happen without the support of corporate sponsors like those who made their contribution at the press conference.

#Lynden Maycock, the chief executive officer of the LOC, thanked all of the partners who came on board and made their contributions to the games, which has now accumulated more than $1.5 million.

#Bartlett, in reflecting on the former air force base and airport, said JS Johnson is all about responsible corporate relationships and sporting disciplines help in nation-building as many of the country’s leaders have come through the medium of sports.

#“We believe that we should not only speak it, but also show it,” said Bartlett, revealing that he only brought the evidence to show that they have already placed their money into the account of the LOC for their sponsorship of the games.

#“We wish you every success and continue your support in terms of building the youth of our nation so that the world could be a better place.”

#Campbell, whose company has four Dairy Queen branches, said they are happy to be a part of the games. As a part of their mission statement, which states that they want to create positive memories for all who come through their doors.

#“A part of our vision is to support our community, so we saw it fitting as corporate citizens to support and to give back to the kids, so we’re happy to be a part of this,” she noted. “Come gold with us.”

#As a financial institution operating in the Bahamas, Bethel said Corner Bank is pleased to continue their partnership of track and field in the Bahamas.

#“As a bank committed to investing in the development of our local communities, we recognise the importance of supporting initiatives that promote the growth and wealth of our young people,” she said.

#“The CARIFTA Games does just that by providing a platform for the young athletes to compete at a high level.

#“Additionally, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Independence, I look forward to supporting our athletes as they strive for excellence on the track, while celebrating alongside our fellow Bahamians.”

#She congratulated the athletes who will be selected to represent Team Bahamas and wishes them every success during the games.

#Cash, in representing Consolidated Water, who have been supporting track and field for a number of years, said as an example of a public-private company that provides bulk water for the Water and Sewerage Corporation, and they aim to continue in the vain of being a very deliberate corporate citizen.

#“Our focus is especially geared towards the youth to be able to provide what you will see in water, so just like water, we produce motion,” he said.

#“Consolidated Water saw it nothing short of a great delight for us to be a part of the 50th CARITA Games as they go gold with you.”

#Fern Hanna, the director of marketing and promotions for the LOC, said she’s delighted to be working with more than 60 companies who have been bringing the gold in the envelopes and she’s sure that will come out with the gold during the games.

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