Mt Carmel senior boys 3-1 after 37-32 loss to Genesis Academy

As of Friday, January 13, 2023

#COACH Wilton Johnson and his Mt Carmel Preparatory Academy Cavaliers senior boys’ basketball team’s winning streak came to an abrupt halt yesterday at the Hope Centre.

#However, the Cavaliers are still holding their own, strong atop the Bahamas Scholastic Athletic Association basketball standings at 3-1 after Thursday’s 37-32 loss to Genesis Academy.

#“I know what it is. Yal worrying about too much girls, that’s what it is,” coach Johnson shouted at his players on the bench yesterday as they were trailing by four points.

#Nathan Wallace, no. 9 of Genesis, scored 24 points in the win.

#Dorien LaRoda, no. 1 of Mt Carmel, had nine points in the loss.

#A number of games were played on Thursday as the BSAA continued basketball action inside the Hope Centre located on University Commons and Games Boulevard.

#• Here are the results:

#Mini Division

#Temple Christian School 10 def Kingsway Academy 2

#Joshua Taylor no. 8 of Temple Christian had five (5) points in the win.

#David Fraser no. 8 of Kingsway had two (2) points in the loss.

#Primary Boys

#Freedom Baptist Academy 18 def Kingsway Academy 2

#Dedrick Johnson no. 5 of Freedom had ten (10) points in the win.

#Shiloh Smith no. 17 of Kingsway had two (2) points in the loss.

#Junior Boys

#International School of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology ISBET 28 def Genesis Academy 15 Zhyon Thompson no. 8 of ISBET had thirteen (13) points in the win.

#Alex Braunlich no. 6 of Genesis had seven (7) points in the loss.

#Freedom Baptist Academy B 27 def Akhepran International Academy 25

#Stephanson Dormauille no. 23 of Freedom B had twenty (20) points in the win. Adisa Eneas no. 9 of Akhepran had fifteen (15) points in the loss.

#Senior Boys

#Akhepran International Academy 40 def C. V. Bethel Senior High 34

#Evan Hanna no. 0 and Delroy Mackey no. 10 of Akhepran both had twelve (12) points in the win.

#Alfred Lloyd no. 8 of C. V had twenty (20) points in the loss

#Wednesday Results

#Primary Boys

#Temple Christian School 20, Teleos Christian School 2: Theo Bethel of Temple scored nine points in the win. Khari Ramsey of Teleos scored two points in the loss.

#Junior Boys

#Freedom Baptist Academy A 37, Akhepran International Academy 10: Joevardo Wright of Freedom scored 27 points in the win. DeAlverez Carter Akhepran scored five points in the loss.

#Senior Girls

#C.V Bethel Senior High 21, Teleos Christian School 10: Danielle McCoy of CV scored 12 points in the win. Azariah Anderson of Teleos scored four points in the loss.

#Senior Boys

#Akhepran International Academy 47, Genesis Academy 31: Evan Hanna of Akhepran scored 11 points in the win. Amarri Bethel of Genesis scored 10 points in the loss.

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