Nassau Gymnastics seeks funding for better facilities and exposure

As of Thursday, March 23, 2023


SHOWN, from left to right, are Nassau Gymnastics’ Daelyn Jones, Anai Ingraham, Peyton Pickstock and Mikelle Cartwright on their return home as medallists after competing in the Florida Crown.


#NASSAU Gymnastics seeks financial support and equipment for young gymnasts after their Gasparilla Classics and Florida Crown performances.

#With gymnasts practicing every evening at the Nassau Gymnastics facility in the Oakes Field Shopping Center, team coaches and parents are advocating for more funding for the sport in the country.

#At the Gasparilla Classics, the young gymnasts shined in the competition. Kayla Culmer came 12th all around in her age group. With all possible scores being out of 10, Culmer notched 8.90 in the 6th vault, 7.10 in the 12 bars, 8.325 in the 10th beam, and 9.60 in the 5th floor.

#She was joined by A’Niyah Williams who placed 8th all around. In the 5th vault, she notched 8.95, 9.25 in the 6th bars, 8.40 in the 8th beam, and 9.125 in the 11th floor.

#Despite the young ladies shining at the Gasparilla Classics, Samantha Cartwright, a parent of one of the gymnasts, talked about how the Nassau Gymnastics programme needs to be improved.

#Cartwright said persons that wish to donate can do so towards equipment which is very costly and includes beam equipment, bar equipment, springboards and gym upkeep so that the young gymnasts can have the equipment necessary to ensure that they represent The Bahamas in the way that they should.

#She added that despite the gymnasts using old equipment, she is still proud of them for performing well and making The Bahamas look good.

#Head coach Trevor Ramsey talked about the need for a better gym facility for the gymnasts.

#“The facilities here on the island are very much below par. Florida is one of the strongest gymnastic regions and most of the kids we compete with come from state-of-the-art gym facilities and they are all over Florida,” Ramsey said.

#Ramsey added that although the kids from Florida have better equipment and facilities, the Bahamian gymnasts are still able to go to Florida and be on par with them but, if they had better facilities, things would be better.

#While at the Florida Crown Gymnastics competition, the Bahamian gymnasts performed well once again.

#Mikala Cartwright placed 2nd all around in the competition. In the 2nd Vault 9.35, 5th Bars 9.00, 1st Beam champion 9.60, and 5th floor 9.625.

#Tiana Nixon placed 6th all around. In the 8th vault 8.925, 8.725 in 8th bars, 9.275 in the 4th beam, and 9.575 7th floor.

#Additionally, Taylor Robinson placed 5th all around.

#Team coach Rashad Cunningham talked about how important it is for gymnasts to have exposure in the country. “One of the biggest competitions I would have done would have been the junior Olympic festival which was held in Mexico and I am the first Bahamian male that was born here that made it that far and while being there no one knew,” Cunningham said.

#Cunningham added that sports in the country is focused on track, swimming, basketball, and baseball which makes gymnastics the forgotten sport a lot of times but if we wanted the Shaunae Millers and Steven Gardiners we need to have some funding to help these kids as well because gymnastics is very expensive.

#The Nassau Gymnastics gymnasts will look towards being in their next competition in the next three weeks.

#For persons that wish to donate to Nassau Gymnastics, they can reach out at 242-525-7279 or email at

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