NCAA Outlines Timeline For Return Of Men’S, Women’S Basketball

As of Friday, June 19, 2020


#Tribune Sports Reporter

#THE NCAA Division I Council has outlined the projected timeline for a return to action for both men’s and women’s basketball programmes.

#Following Wednesday’s conference call, the council announced plans based off the recommendations from the oversight committees, a move that will affect several Bahamian players and coaches at the Division I level.

#Under the current rule, voluntary athletics activities and up to eight hours of virtual non-physical activities are extended for another month through July 19.

#Beginning July 20, summer athletics activities may begin and can last up to eight weeks or until the school’s first day of classes or September 15, however, virtual and in-person activities cannot exceed a combined eight hours per week.

#The oversight committees recommended that the list of summer athletics activities also includes “enhanced in-person nonphysical activities,” which include team meetings, individual meetings and film review. Those activities can also include on-court practices, though skill instruction cannot exceed four hours per week and the total amount of work (including weight training and conditioning) cannot exceed eight.

#“The Council worked to balance the desire to get student-athletes training again with the need to re-populate our campuses and athletics facilities gradually and safely, within all campus, local and state mandates,” said Council chair M Grace Calhoun, athletics director at Penn. “Student-athlete health and safety should remain a top priority.”

#These activities will be regulated based on COVID-19 regulations and preventative measures. State regulations will also determine access to facilities, group size and other restrictions.

#A decision on changes to the recruiting calendars will be decided in short in the coming weeks.

#According to ESPN: “The proposed changes to the fall recruiting calendar would include live evaluation periods added to August and September since the live periods in April, June and July were cancelled.

#The weekends of August 15-16 and September 5-7 were proposed for non-scholastic events, and August 22-23 and September 19-20 for scholastic events.

#Only two members of each staff will be allowed on the road.

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