NFL Flag Bahamas in search of more coaches, officials

As of Wednesday, August 23, 2023


#Tribune Sports Reporter

#NATIONAL Football League (NFL) Flag Bahamas continues to make preparations ahead of the flag football season, this time hosting an officiating and coaching clinic next month.

#The event will get underway from 6pm to 9pm on September 7 at the Thomas A Robinson national stadium.

#Persons can expect to learn the rules of NFL Flag Football under the tutelage of the director of officiating at RCX Sports and NFL Flag, Tom Laneve.

#Chris Prudhome, president of NFL Flag, talked about what potential participants can gain through the NFL Flag Bahamas coaching and officiating clinic.

#“Participants can expect to learn important personal and professional skills that will help them on and off the field…skills such as knowledge of the rules, mechanics, health and fitness, and character development [that] are important aspects of the game of flag football,” he said.

#The course is open to persons over the age of 18 with a passion, understanding and love for the game of flag football.

#The president added that the course will not be easy but will be worth it in the end as the opportunities that come with being NFL certified are endless.

#Following the announcement of NFL Flag Bahamas in June, the league has made the necessary preparations by hosting various clinics and spreading the word on Fox News about the youth and adult season scheduled for October.

#The officials recently hosted the first ever NFL Flag Bahamas football clinic on July 11, teaching the basic flag football skills and testing the agility of future players.

#“In order for the season to be successful, all coaches and officials must be NFL certified, hence why this officiating and coaching clinic is so important,” Prudhome said.

#Individuals that are interested in becoming a coach or referee for the first Caribbean country to join the NFL Flag can use the registration link Before attending the officiating and referee clinic on September 7, persons are advised to attend the NFL Flag Rules Zoom call on August 29 or August 31. The Bahamas was the first Caribbean nation to come onboard with NFL Flag as the country continues to attract international talent and events to the “sporting paradise.”

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