Queen’s College ‘the Strongest Chess School on New Providence island’

As of Friday, March 31, 2023

#ASPIRING chess players from across New Providence participated in the competitive Scholastic Chess Team Championship.

#The team-based event is one the largest chess tournaments of the year, with many schools trying to defend their title as well as achieve new ones.

#The event was hosted by The Bahamas Chess Federation, and took place on Saturday, March 25 at the QCafe. Queen’s College graciously sponsored the venue for the event.

#The Scholastic Championship attracted 66 strong students from over 12 schools and institutions.

#Excited students from Queen’s College, St. Augustine’s College, Kingsway Academy, C.I. Gibson School, St. Andrew’s School, St. Anne’s, Aquinas, Lyford Cay, Windsor Academy, New Providence Classical School and other various small schools and homeschools, battled it out in a five -round competition.

#The tournament consisted of three divisions: – under 12, under 16 and under 20 with a new feature of the tournament this year, the addition of a combined school team section. This section was added to allow home school students and students attending schools that do not have sufficient chess players to field a team to come together to form a team.

#The QCafe was filled with intense focus as school teams faced off against each other in a bid to be crowned the Scholastic Team Champions and best chess school on the island.

#As soon as a match was completed, students wasted no time and would huddle in a corner or proceed to the outside waiting area to discuss their moves and strategies in their own chess language. It was clear that chess was the common denominator, as students from different schools and backgrounds came together to share their passion for the game.

#Queen’s College seized the win in both the under 16 and under 20 categories, winning the title of the Strongest Chess School on the island of New Providence.

#Dr Paul Thomas, math teacher, C.I. Gibson School and coach for the C.I. Gibson Chess Club, was happy with the performance of his team who placed 3rd in the under-20 category.

#He stated: “The C.I. Gibson Chess Club has been in existence since 2012 but this academic year, post pandemic, has been the most remarkable one. In this period, the greatest level of interest ever has been shown by our students, particularly our 10th graders.

#Chess at C.I. Gibson, for our approximately 30 active members, is one way we remind students that careful thinking must always precede actions. Our chess members embrace this principle and our expectation is that they will transfer it to every facet of their lives. It is important that students play chess because the game is a useful means by which students can develop critical thinking skills, which can help them make thoughtful decisions in all areas of their lives.”

#“The Scholastic Chess Team Tournament was exciting and competitive,” declared Curtis Pride, 1st vice president, The Bahamas Chess Federation.

#He continued: “I was impressed by the level of skills displayed from newcomers from C.I. Gibson, St. Augustine’s College, St. Anne’s, Kingsway Academy, St. Andrews and players in the Under 12 section.

#These players give me hope for the future of chess in The Bahamas. We, as a federation, are proud to have hosted such a prestigious and successful school-based event.

#“We know that the best way to develop our junior talent is through partnerships with school coaches. With this in mind, we are committed to providing and enhancing this tournament every year.”  

#Overall Results for 2023 Scholastic Chess Team Tournament

#Best Team U16

#1st Place – Queen’s College Team 1

#2nd Place – Kingsway Academy

#3rd Place – St Anne’s

#Best Team U20

#1st Place – Queen’s College 1

#2nd Place – Queen’s College 2

#3rd Place – C.I. Gibson Senior

#Top Board Players

#U12 Board 1 – Zayne Berry, Empowerment Learning Center, 1.5 points

#Board 2 – Kaleah Brown, Queens College, 1 points

#Board 3 – R. Caerwyn Turnquest, Windsor Academy, 2.5 points

#Board 4 – Cire Darville, 3 points


#Board 1 – Avian Pride, Home school, 5 points

#Board 2 – Theophilus Weir, Kingsway Academy, 5 points

  • Chika Pride, Homeschool, 5 Points

#Board 3 – Jason Liang, Kingsway Academy, 4 points

#Board 4 – Johnathan Coakley, Queen’s College, 5 points

#Board 5 – Xavier Fernander, St. Anne’s, 1 points

#Top Board Players


#Board 1 – Noah Albury, St. Augustine’s College, 5 points

#Board 2 – Tadan Ferguson, St. Andrew’s School, 4 points

#Board 3 – Hugesson Valcourt, C.I. Gibson, 5 points

#Board 4 – Elliot Rahming, Queen’s College 2, 5 points


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