Rashield Williams loses on points after shedding pounds to make weight class

Rashield Williams and Carl Hield in Birmingham.

Rashield Williams and Carl Hield in Birmingham.

As of Sunday, July 31, 2022


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#BIRMINGHAM, England: Despite having to overwork himself to shed 11 pounds to make the weight, Rashield Williams gave it a gallant effort in his light welterweight match at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, but was a little too weak to withstand Namibia’s Jonas Jonas.

#One day after the other team member Carl Hield was stopped in the first round of his boxing bout, Williams went the distance, but lost 5-0 on points to Jonas on Sunday at the NEC Hall. It was match he felt he could have easily won if he was at full strength.

#“It was a good fight. He was a tough guy. He was the former champion. He did his part and I did my part,” said Williams, who had to fight back in the last two rounds after losing the first of three minute three round bout.

#“Although I had to lose the weight because I was put in the wrong weight class, I did my best. I’m proud of myself.”

#The 32-year-old Williams said he spent the past three days starving himself from eating food and drinking water, while dehydrating using the sauna and running as much as he could. Unfortunately, the 21-year-old Jonas was much better prepared.

#“I didn’t want to just make this a vacation trip, so I had to go out there and do my best,” Williams said. “I’m okay now because I can eat. I’m satisfied with my performance. I’m glad I came out healthy and no damage was done to my body.”

#As the shorter of the two competitors, Williams found himself in a tough situation where he had to hold off the attack of the taller Jonas. Although he took the fight to him, he didn’t have the stamina to stay toe to toe with him and it caused him the decision.

#Still reeling from his disappointing first round stoppage on Saturday, Hield discovered Sunday morning when he got up that his left ankle was swollen from a slip in the ring during his bout and had to be treated by the polyclinic in the games village at the Hilton Hotel.

#The 35-year-old Hield’s ankle was bandaged and he revealed that he will have to continue treatment at the clinic until he leaves the games at the end of the week.


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