Shaunae shines in new Adidas commercial

Bahamian professional athlete Shaunae Miller-Uibo is featured in a 128-second short video from Adidas detailing a newfound focus for athletes after the postponement of the Olympic Games

.August 4, 2020

The Nassau Guardian


Bahamian Olympic Champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo continues to reach new heights, now as a part of Adidas’ latest athletic commercial, detailing a newfound focus after the postponement of the Olympic Games, and looking ahead to 2021.

In a two-minute advertisement that featured a cross section of athletes from different sports, and different ethnic groups, multi-national corporation giant Adidas focused on the toil and dedication of athletes during this time of COVID-19, and showed a shift in focus toward 2021. The Olympics, which were originally scheduled for this summer, was postponed to July 23 to August 8, 2021, and the commercial is entitled, ‘What’s One More – READY FOR SPORT’, referencing the one-year postponement of the games.

Miller-Uibo made an appearance with her husband Maicel Uibo, of Estonia. The couple live and train out of Clermont, Florida.

In the short video regarding the postponement, she could be heard talking about a slight disappointment at first and then staying focused on the goal at hand despite the presence of the coronavirus pandemic.

“You have to talk yourself into it,” she said. “When I first got the news, it was a lil devastating to hear. It’s that moment when you get to show the world exactly what type of talent you have. There was never a moment when I told myself ‘let’s quit’.”

Donning a variety of hair styles and colors, Miller-Uibo and husband Maicel are shown running together on the track, working out inside a gym, and even exercising at home. Miller-Uibo is the Olympic Champion in the women’s 400 meters (m), but the highlight of their athletic career together as a couple was probably at the Doha World Championships last year when they each won silver in their respective events on the same night.

In the 128-second video clip, husband Maicel could be heard talking about a renewed focus toward next year.

“One more is just what we do. Competing is like the fun part and that is what we’re missing right now. We’ve had to adjust and adapt and make sure that we stay ready,” he said.

Also making an appearance on the short video are Japanese professional climber Miho Nonaka, American Paralympic swimmer McKenzie Coan, Greek professional tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas, American multi Olympic and World Champion in swimming Katie Ledecky, British teenager Caroline Dubois who competes in boxing, and Japanese Paralympic athlete in taekwondo Shoko Ota.

Miller-Uibo said: “I’ve been dreaming of Tokyo for as long as I can remember. Coming into 2020, it was all I could think of, and I was ready to give it my all. I was running on the adrenaline you get before a big meet. There is no doubt, the pause has been a challenge. Even if we can’t be together, knowing that the world is working through this together gives me so much comfort. I want athletes around the world to know that if you’re part of sport, you’re never alone. We can achieve beautiful things when we’re together.”

Lately, she made headlines for stating that she will likely forego the women’s 400m at the Olympics in favor of the 200m, due to a complex schedule in which the two events intersect each other during the middle of the track segment of the games. Be that as it may, she said she will be ready to compete and assured track enthusiasts everywhere that she will turn in her best effort.

Miller-Uibo said it has been a challenge, continuing to train and maintaining fitness during this time of COVID-19, but it is one that she embraced and met head on.   

“While my discipline is individual, I have never felt alone in this because of the community of sport, and it is this sense of togetherness that we need to focus on at the moment,” she said.

Miller-Uibo has represented the Adidas brand ever since she became a professional athlete in 2013.

German company Adidas, which produces and sells sports shoes, clothes, apparel and accessories, is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after Nike.

Jump Line – Miller-Uibo has represented the Adidas brand ever since she turned pro in 2013

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