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 Principal of Sts. Francis & Joseph Tiffany Glass, Coach Ricardo Freemantle, school administrators and students pose with their championship trophy for winning the 2023 Archdiocesan Track and Field Meet. At center, presenting them with their trophy, is Director of Catholic Education Claudette Rolle. Photos: the CATHOLIC BOARD OF EDUCATION

After a three-year hiatus, as a result of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest Catholic Board of Education (CBE) primary school sporting event, the Archdiocesan Track and Field Meet, made a triumphant return. The 2023 Archdiocesan Track and Field Meet was held over the course of two days, starting on Thursday, May 4.

Young athletes from Sts. Francis & Joseph School overcame competitors from three other CBE New Providence primary schools to win the competition. This was the eighth consecutive win for the Sts. Francis & Joseph Shockers. They prevailed with 768 points. St. Cecilia’s School was a close second with 752 points and St. Thomas More came in third with 701 points. Xavier’s Lower School finished fourth with 603 points.

“Hard work, determination, resilience and heart yields great results,” exclaimed Ricardo Freemantle, coach of the Shockers.

In addition to their overall win, Sts. Francis & Joseph School won the primary division. They scored 509 points to take that title. St. Cecilia’s School was a close second in that division with 494 points and St. Thomas More finished third in that division with 400 points. Xavier’s Lower School was fourth in that division with 364 points.

The Shockers lost the junior division to St. Thomas More School. St. Thomas More prevailed in that division with 301 points. Sts. Francis & Joseph finished second in that division with 259 points, and St. Cecilia’s School was third with 258 points. Xavier’s Lower School finished fourth in that division with 239 points.

The annual meet offers CBE primary school students an opportunity to exhibit their skill, dexterity and endurance in track and field events. CBE schools are dedicated to the education of the whole child through development of the intellectual, physical and spiritual dimensions of every CBE student. Athletics is an integral part of the total education program of CBE schools.

“For the Catholic Board of Education, sports provide an outlet through which students can channel their energy in organized and objective activities,” said Freemantle. “Sports allows opportunities for several kids whether scholarships or representing their country and may lead to a professional career path. Sports is sometimes the only way out for some kids while for others, it is just recreation. Balancing sports and academics is key in developing a rounded individual.”

CBE primary schools have a sporting legacy, which is evident in the number of alumni who have gone on to achieve success in athletics both nationally and internationally.

As with all CBE sporting competitions, the Archdiocesan Track and Field Meet fosters school spirit, healthy competition and provides a fun environment for students, parents, teachers and administrators.

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